/Welcome to the Future/209/Events, Livestreams and new releases 15-Apr 2022

Onto fortnightly Friday postings for a little while.

The post, then, is a roundup of (relevant to this site) new and upcoming music, a nod to upcoming events and livestreams both from this website and others, and also a catchup of what I’ve posted recently. Thanks to everyone who sends me new music and events, keeps me up to speed, and indeed simply reads these posts.

/Welcome to the Future/209

/Events, Livestreams and new releases 15-Apr 2022
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/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/024, which starts on the letter P. /transmission/025 will follow soon – at last!

You can also get it via RSS, on iTunes, on Stitcher, and is also now available on the Google Podcasts App (search “amodelofcontrol”) and Spotify too.

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), comment/message on Facebook at the amodelofcontrol.com page, and over on Twitter (@amodelofcontrol).


/Releases out today or recently

/26-Mar 2022 / Statiqbloom / Threat /Bandcamp
An unexpected swing to industrial techno pays dividends for Statiqbloom.
/31-Mar 2022 / Puerta Negra / Costo Humano /Bandcamp
New New Beat from the West Coast that has both a familiarity and an exciting newness to it.
/01-Apr 2022 / Phase Fatale / Burning The Rural District /Bandcamp
Thundering power from Phase Fatale, created in and influenced by the scene in Georgia, apparently.
/08-Apr 2022 / HEALTH / DISCO4 :: PART II /Bandcamp
HEALTH release a second album of collaborations, with once again a thrillingly diverse set of collaborators and many great songs.
/08-Apr 2022 / Nik Colk Void / Bucked Up Space /Bandcamp
Void releases her debut solo album, with enthralling results.
/14-Apr 2022 / Hocico / Hyperviolent /Bandcamp
The aggrotech pioneers and veterans surprisingly keep evolving.
/15-Apr 2022 / Black Agent / Industrial Ruination /Bandcamp
One of the strongest industrial releases so far in 2022, an album that picks up on the savage, punchy electronics of the likes of Numb and brings it bang up to date.
/15-Apr 2022 / Cloud Rat / Cloud Rat Redux /Bandcamp
/15-Apr 2022 / Cloud Rat / Do Not Let Me Off The Cliff: Deluxe Edition /Bandcamp
US grindcore band Cloud Rat look back with two re-releases.
/15-Apr 2022 / Darkher / The Buried Storm /Bandcamp
A majestic, pitch-dark new release from Darkher.
/15-Apr 2022 / Monuments / In Stasis /Official Artist Store
Progressive Post-metal from these UK stalwarts of the scene.
/15-Apr 2022 / Trace Amount / Anti-Body Language /Federal Prisoner Store
A Brooklyn-based artist on Greg Puciato’s label, this is furious industrial/doom/metal that leans heavily into noisy, experimental chaos.
/16-Apr 2022 / Landscape Body Machine / No Cable 2022 Remix EP /Bandcamp
Out tomorrow, a twenty-five year anniversary is marked by a stomping new take and some fascinating remixes.

/Upcoming releases announced this past week

/22-Apr 2022 / Greyhound / Insomnia /Bandcamp
/22-Apr 2022 / LAST DAYS OF S.E.X. / Overstimulation /Bandcamp
Two albums of noisy, industrial brutality from HANDS on the same day? You’re spoiling us, Udo!
/22-Apr 2022 / Various Artists / FORMS OF HANDS 21 /Bandcamp
Oh, and the usual, annual compilation from HANDS, too, with a hell of a tracklisting.
/23-Apr 2022 / The Lord / Forest Nocturne /Bandcamp
/06-May 2022 / Nuclear*Sun / Ashes to Dust /Bandcamp
An industrial-rock project that’s been around for a few years, and the initial track from this upcoming release promises great things.
/27-May 2022 / Various Artists / Todo Muere SBXV /Bandcamp
Sacred Bones mark their fifteenth anniversary with a release where label artists take on some of their fellow artists’ songs.
/03-Jun 2022 / Reptilicus / Crusher of Bones /Bandcamp
A reissue of a release over thirty years old, and the punishing electronics on display certainly have caught the notice of other artists since…
/24-Jun 2022 / KOLLAPS / Until The Day I Die /Bandcamp
It’s a noisy week of upcoming releases this week. Australian noise-mongers KOLLAPS are back at last, and it’s going to crush you.
/15-Jul 2022 / Interpol / The Other Side Of Make-Believe /Bandcamp
NYC post-punks Interpol are back, and, well, they sound like Interpol.
/19-Aug 2022 / RROYCE / Rroarr /Official Artist Store
They were one of the highlights of Infest a few years back, and their new album comes in August. Single Paranoiac SL has a fabulous video.
/26-Aug 2022 / Machine Head / ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN /Official Artist Store
Machine Head return, with another new lineup, and influences, apparently, from Japanese Anime…
/09-Sep 2022 / Built to Spill / When The Wind Forgets Your Name /Bandcamp
US alt-rock veterans return with their first album in an age.

/Upcoming/Livestreams/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

Obviously, things change at short notice right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

/amodelofcontrol.com continues to maintain an events calendar, but it has now moved to /amodelofcontrol.com/events – and is now a dynamic, searchable database, and you can add individual events to your own calendars. I’m currently fixing a couple of minor backend issues, so new events may not be added promptly, or be added sporadically.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

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Coming up this week will be /Tuesday Ten/487.

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