Tuesday Ten: 306: When Worlds Collide

The influence of classical music upon “popular” music is often forgotten, perhaps as the evolution through what became jazz and blues into rock and beyond is a complex one that took quite some time – indeed it took most of the twentieth century, as the exceptional The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross explains in […]

But Listen: 154: KMFDM – HELL YEAH

Thirty-three years, twenty albums, countless singles, a few live albums, various re-issues. Various record labels (most notably associated with WaxTrax! and then later Metropolis (North America) and Dependent (Europe)). And, broadly, one instantly recognisable sound, the Ultra Heavy Beat that blusters in on industrial beats and rock guitars, but somehow sounds like no-one else.

DJ: Guest: 090: Tim’s 40th

The third party I’ve DJed this year, and what has been remarkable about them has been that all three have been very different. Different locations, different people, and different music, too. The DJs here (Bob and myself – only my sets are shown here for the moment), were actually a surprise element to Tim’s birthday […]