Welcome to the Future: 006: Music news round-up 04-August 2017

There have been a few comments recently about how difficult it is to keep up with new releases, new tours, and general music news (I have the same problem) – particularly in the UK, as various sites in Europe and North America are already pretty good for this in our scene. (Release Magazine in Europe, and Regen in North America are well worth bookmarking if you don’t already read them, as well of course as I Die: You Die who often cover news in their podcasts). So, I thought, why not try something here.

So let’s see this as a trial. Each Friday for the next few weeks, I’ll post a round-up of new releases, new announcements, upcoming gigs, festivals and clubs, and anything else worth mentioning. Tuesday Ten posts will continue as before, but this gives me a better chance at getting announcements out sooner.

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), or comment/message on Facebook.

New and Upcoming Releases

Venus In Aries released a new mini-album Beyond The Veil today through Glitch Mode

Other releases out today:
Seeming – SOL: A Self Banishment Ritual (Bandcamp)
Controlled Bleeding – Carving Songs (Bandcamp)
God Module – Does This Stuff Freak You Out? A Retrospective (Bandcamp)
Lords of Acid – Voodoo-U (Special Remastered Band Edition) (Bandcamp)
Inertia – Only Law (Bandcamp)
Autoclav1.1 / Displacer – Spacetime (Bandcamp)

New Ministry tribute A Terrible Thing To Cover was released this week and is available via Bandcamp.

The keenly-awaited new Comaduster album Solace is now due on 08-August. You can hear The Retracer (A Mirroring Recursion) on Soundcloud.

Inertia‘s forthcoming album Dream Machine is out on 13-October.

London industrial DJ Matt Hart – formerly in Concrete Lung, too – has his first EP (Chaos Rising) out next Friday (Bandcamp). I’ve heard it, and it’s good – a review from me will follow in due course.

Unexpectedly, the reformed Clawfinger have a new song out (Save Our Souls), which sounds like…well, Clawfinger.

Covenant‘s UK tour has been delayed until March 2018, new dates are here.

Underworld are re-issuing Beaucoup Fish at the end of the month with the same attention to detail that the re-issues of dubnobasswithmyheadman and Second Toughest In the Infants got.

Upcoming gigs and clubs

04-Aug – FOXCUNT at The Gunners, N5
05-Aug – CARPE NOCTUM with Action Directe at The Library, Leeds
05-Aug – Revolution – RAVEOLUTION at Corporation, Sheffield
08-Aug – LOCKS at The Old Blue Last, E1
11-Aug – deux furieuses at The Finsbury, N4
12-Aug – REPTILE with The Memepunks at Club Kolis, N19
19-Aug – SARIN at Slimelight, N1
24-Aug – Front Line Assembly at O2 Academy Islington, N1
25-Aug – Front Line Assembly + Die Krupps at De Casino, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
25-27 Aug – Infest 2017 at University of Bradford
26-Aug – Revolting Cocks: Big Sexy Land at O2 Academy Islington, N1
06-Sep – Terminal Gods album launch show at Shacklewell Arms, E8
09-Sep – KMFDM at O2 Academy Islington, N1

Interesting new festival in LA in October (yes, another!) – Cloak & Dagger Festival. The dress code is of particular note (!). A reminder also about Cold Waves Chicago and LA, too…

Other things

Something a friend created that I was made aware of recently: a dead useful Spotify playlist creator (it removes a whole lot of faff, that’s for sure).

amodelofcontrol.com (or, at least, Adam) appeared on 6Music yesterday, contributing to the long-running item The Chain on the Radcliffe and Maconie show. I appear approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes in.

amodelofcontrol.com content in the past week

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