/Tuesday Ten/462/A Time and a Place

This was one of the first suggestion threads where many of the responses really frustrated me. What is a landmark? Let’s check the definition of a landmark: /Tuesday Ten/462/A Time and a Place /Tuesday Ten/Playlists /Playlists/Spotify /Playlists/YouTube /Tuesday Ten/On Location /065/Places /082/Life In The City /135/A Night On The Town /212/Chicago /247/London /275/First We Take […]

/Tuesday Ten/453/End Is A New Start

Now the majority of the moving-in rigmarole is finally done – we have a couple of small side tables to build and that’s about it – not to mention our fibre broadband finally installed and live, I can begin to return to some kind of normality on /amodelofcontrol.com. That should mean a return to weekly […]

/Tuesday Ten/450/Two Different Ways

This week’s post – the 450th /Tuesday Ten – was inspired by a conversation with Daisy while flicking through the music channels a couple of weeks ago. So much has happened already since then that I think we’ve forgotten some of the detail, but we were watching The White Stripes, and it got us thinking […]