/DJ/Guest/098/Stay-in-Fest – 29-Aug 2020

The lockdown meant no Infest Festival this year, but it did mean Stay-In-Fest was a thing – a twelve-hour virtual festival across three streams. As well as a number of interviews that I conducted for the day – all of which will appear on /amodelofcontrol.com over the next couple of weeks – I was asked […]

/Tuesday Ten/423/Everyone Must Win

This week concludes a short series on Winning and Losing – a subject that’s been sat on the backburner here at /amodelofcontrol.com for over three years (I originally asked for suggestions on the subject back in January 2017). /Tuesday Ten/423/Everyone Must Win /Tuesday Ten/Playlists /Playlists/Spotify /Playlists/YouTube /Tuesday Ten/Winning and Losing /282/Poker Face /421/Follow the Leader […]

/Tuesday Ten/422/Loser

Last week, I looked at Leaders. Following on from that this week, I’m looking at Losing – as with poor leaders, you get losers, and like last week’s post, this has been sitting on the back burner for some considerable time. Next week will be songs about Winning.