Welcome to the Future: 008: Music news round-up 18-August 2017

Welcome to the third weekly round-up of new music, forthcoming release announcements, upcoming gigs and clubs, and other things that might be worthy of note within the realm of music that amodelofcontrol.com covers.

Welcome to the Future: 008
Music news round-up 18-August 2017

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As has long been the case, while this site broadly covers industrial music, my tastes stretch further than that, so it isn’t unusual for bands well beyond that realm to be mentioned or covered, and I will continue to do this as there is so much music worth covering. A note: I carry no advertising on amodelofcontrol.com as a point of principle, and only link to retail sites in any form as offering a method of purchasing music in one way or another.

This time next week I will be on my way to Infest, but there will still be the weekly update.

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), comment/message on Facebook at the amodelofcontrol.com page, and over on Twitter (@amodelofcontrol).

New Releases this week

LEGEND‘s long awaited new album Midnight Champion is nearly here (out 13-October), and the band debuted the first track from it yesterday, Captive. A dramatic, massive-sounding song, I’ll have much more to say about it at the turn of the month, in the usual monthly round-up.

Also out today, KMFDM first new album in a few years, HELL YEAH, and But Listen: 154 on this site sees it as their best album in quite some time. Lucidstatic released a new EP this week, too, Deception, and last year’s Infest breakout Me The Tiger release What is Beautiful Never Dies today.

Other new releases this week – Ghostpoet‘s Dark Days + Canapés, The Duke Spirit‘s Sky Is Mine, and a slightly puzzling reissue from Interpol, in the form of their not-especially-loved third album Our Love to Admire.

Other releases coming soon

There were a few unexpected (to me, anyway!) announcements this week.

First up, Mind.In.A.Box confirmed their sixth album Broken Legacies, which is out in October. The teaser released with the announcement has a spectacularly dramatic feel.

Also returning are the Canadian band Encephalon, who also return in October with We Only Love You When You’re Dead, out on Artoffact on 13-Oct. You can listen to lead single here: The Calvin Klein of Slime.

Does Scott Fox ever stop? iVardensphere release their latest album Hesitation on 03-November.

Other new releases to come: Converge are back at last, Hot Snakes return, as do Satyricon, and Russian nu-Shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast return with new single Find Your Saint.

In addition, The Knife aren’t quite over. A live album is coming, of their amazing, life-affirming final tour, a tour so brilliant I saw twice (and reviewed on Into the Pit: 169).

Upcoming gigs and clubs

18-Aug – Club 80s at The Albany, W1
19-Aug – SARIN at Slimelight, N1
24-Aug – Front Line Assembly at O2 Academy Islington, N1
24-Aug – CLOSER – A Nine Inch Nails Special at The Waiting Room, N16
25-Aug – Front Line Assembly + Die Krupps at De Casino, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
25-Aug – Star Shaped London at O2 Academy Islington, N1
25-27 Aug – Infest 2017 at University of Bradford
26-Aug – Revolting Cocks: Big Sexy Land at O2 Academy Islington, N1
02-Sep – Revolution at Corporation, Sheffield
06-Sep – Terminal Gods album launch show at Shacklewell Arms, E8
08-Sep – Retribution Alice with FEN at The Lounge, N19
09-Sep – KMFDM at O2 Academy Islington, N1
16-Sep – The Crüxshadows at Electrowerkz, N1
16-Sep – Clan of Xymox and Decoded Feedback at O2 Academy Islington, N1
22-Sep – Dead & Buried at Club Kolis, N19
23-Sep – Exit the Grey presents: Ash Code, Monica Jeffries & Llumen at Electrowerkz, N1
23-Sep – Utterly Wrecked! The Gothic Boat Party and Thames Cruise at Tower Pier, EC3
23-Sep – Resurrected Returns at The George, Leeds
30-Sep – Bunker 13 at Eiger Studios, Leeds
03-Oct – EMA at Oslo, E8
05-Oct – Ben Frost at Electric Brixton, SW9
06-Oct – Exit The Grey IV at The Star of Kings, London N1
14-Oct – Slimelight Turns 30 at Electrowerkz, N1

Other things

Advance notice for Saturday 18-Nov, the beat:cancer festival v1.0 in London with The Gothsicles, ESA, Memmaker, DEF NEON, Bitman, Spawn of Psychosis, Jensen and St.Lucifer.

Also, this needs to be read from a friend “up north”, about supporting your scene. He speaks truth, in the main, although I’ll take issue with the good/bad review point. If you write all good reviews, it means nothing. Discourse is good, and needed.

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