/Memory of a Festival /038 /Infest 2023

Just four months ago, I was beginning to be resigned to the August Bank Holiday being devoid of one of my favourite events of the year. So when we finally […]

/Memory of a Festival /036 /Infest 2022

One of the obvious casualties of COVID since early 2020 was live music, both in the form of gigs, and festivals. For many, both 2020 and 2021 were almost entirely […]

/Memory of a Festival/033/Infest 2019

Somehow, despite the feeling I was just getting started, I’m already home, (mostly) unpacked and finishing this write-up of another great edition of Infest. It has long since become far […]

/Memory of a Festival/030/Infest 2018

Twenty years of a festival existing is nothing to be sniffed at. Sure, bigger festivals have existed much longer (Reading dates back into the sixties, while Glastonbury is a few […]

Memory of a Festival: 028: Infest 2017

All it took was arriving in Bradford on Friday, and I knew that I still loved this festival. There was that familiar buzz of anticipation as we stepped off the […]

Memory of a Festival: 026: Infest 2016

Over the weekend of this year’s Infest, there was some discussion over the current state of the industrial (and wider) scene. In many other scenes – or indeed in “mainstream” […]

Memory of a Festival: 024: Infest 2015

Christ almighty, this year has passed really fucking quickly – we’re already heading back into autumn, which means I’ve enjoyed my fifteenth Infest. While perhaps not a lineup with too […]

Memory of a Festival: 022: Infest 2014

A sign I’m clearly getting old – this was my fourteenth Infest. God, time flies. This year was perhaps a bit special for a number of reasons, though, at least […]

Memory of a Festival: 019: Infest 2013

For the tenth time – I started writing a seemingly ever-expanding review of the annual festival in 2003 – here goes with my coverage of Infest rundown for 2013. As […]

Memory of a Festival: 013: Infest 2011

In a flash, that is Infest over for another year already. A weekend that shot by – of fifteen bands, a good many DJs, many more friends new and old, […]

Memory of a Festival: 009: Infest 2010

I think it took until the dawn of this year’s Infest until I realised just how much I missed the festival in its year off last year. All it took […]

Memory of a Festival: 004: Infest 2007

So where exactly to start? This year marks of course ten years of Infest, a festival that has changed in subtle ways over the years. This one was my eighth, […]

Memory of a Festival: 003: Infest 2006

Infest has become, in the now seven years that I have attended, the one thing that gets pencilled in first for each year no matter what. It doesn’t really matter […]

Memory of a Festival: 002: Infest 2005

OK, so where do we start? Well, overall, this year’s Infest has been fantastic fun. As always, it is so much more than the bands – the friendly atmosphere and […]

/Memory of a Festival /037 /Cold Waves X

That what started out as a hastily-scheduled event to celebrate the life of Jamie Duffy has turned into a large, multi-day, multi-city festival over the past decade is something of […]

/Tuesday Ten /501 /Infest 2022 Preview

In ten days time, and a couple of years later than originally expected, I will be attending my twentieth Infest. I first went along thanks to the invite from a […]

/Memory of a Festival /035 /Goth City 6 /Leeds /07-10 Jul 2022

It’s been a long time since I was last at any kind of festival in person. The last one I went to was the all-dayer 10 Ten Years of Chaos […]