Into the Pit: 198: Front Line Assembly – O2 Academy Islington, N1 – 24-August 2017

Since Front Line Assembly returned to the live arena a bit over a decade ago – and indeed their first UK show in ten years when they played Infest 2006 – I’ve seen the band live a lot. I’ve seen them three times in North America (Ottawa, Montreal and Chicago), and in Manchester, and four […]

/Talk Show Host/036/Front Line Assembly

This was an interview I’ve wanted for for as long as I’ve been doing interviews. I’ve followed, and listened to Bill Leeb’s work in Front Line Assembly (and to a lesser extent in his other projects) for well beyond two decades, and have long been curious about a number of things.

Into the Pit: 179: Front Line Assembly – Live at The Garage – 21-August 2013

It has been noted recently that there have been a dearth of “club” shows in the industrial scene, at least in the UK, of late, with pretty grim predictions for 2014, too. But in the meantime, there have been the odd show to restore faith somewhat that strong bills can occur, with support acts as […]

But Listen: 135: Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic

Of the industrial scene’s great survivors (FLA, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, KMFDM), all four have now been active for over 25 years, and aside from 242 (who seem happy with revisiting their past with admittedly amazing live shows, which is no problem for me – I’ve seen them five times in the last five years […]

But Listen: 129: Front Line Assembly – AirMech

Front Line Assembly’s lengthy career has seen them take a number of turns, adapting their own sound and co-opting others as members of the band changed, with varying degrees of success. Their initial industrial sounds evolved enormously as technology progressed, took in all manner of metal influences in the nineties – arguably resulting in their […]

Into the Pit: 045: Front Line Assembly – Live in Manchester – 07-July 2007

Last night, in the main, rocked. I got to see probably my favourite band of all for a second time within a year, I got to spend some time catching up with a whole load of people I haven’t seen an awful lot of recently, and the weather was even pretty good for the first […]

But Listen: 026: Front Line Assembly – Artificial Soldier

It’s been a tough few years being an FLA fan. Every release in, oh, the past five years has been touted as “the best one since…[insert your favourite FLA album here – me? I’ll lay my cards on the table now and say Tactical Neural Implant]”, when they patently haven’t. Epitaph was well, ok, but […]

Into the Pit: 116: Front 242 – Live in Glasgow – 10-December 2011

It has been a while since I travelled this far for a gig in the UK. Let me explain: I love Front 242. And given the news that old friends of mine in Je$us Loves Amerika were announced as the support act for this Glasgow show, it was not a difficult decision to head north […]

/Tuesday Ten/436/Tiny Changes (The Future)

For the last regular /Tuesday Ten of 2020 – the first year where I’ve posted a new /Tuesday Ten every week from the first Tuesday in January to the last Tuesday in November since I started this series in March 2007 – I’m once again digging into my list of as-yet unused suggestion threads, for […]

/Welcome to the Future/148/Livestreams and new release round-up/23-Oct 2020

Sliding back towards another lockdown, it seems, but there is still new music to enjoy, hence why I continue these Friday posts. The events listing is still being updated, but obviously, an awful lot is being postponed, cancelled or changed right now.

/Tuesday Ten/428/Tracks of the Month/Sep-20

Another month of this most strange year done with, then, with no real end in sight to at least partial lockdown, and certainly no chance of live music or clubbing to any normal degree this year either (notwithstanding some of the enterprising experiments in new ways of dealing with that at the moment. Thus, I […]

/Talk Show Host/066/Chris Peterson talks about Jeremy Inkel

Last Saturday, I ended up heavily involved in Stay-In-Fest. As well as DJing an early afternoon set that seemed to go down well (setlist: /DJ/Guest/098), four online/video interviews that I’d conducted with different artists over the previous couple of weeks were broadcast.

/Tuesday Ten/424/Tracks of the Month/Aug-20

Into September, and back to normal – whatever normal is these days – in the days post-Stay-In-Fest. That online festival was surprisingly great fun, and I stuck around for the whole thing. I DJed early on (my setlist: /DJ/Guest/098), and had a number of interviews with bands broadcast, all of which will be uploaded and […]