Into the Pit: 002: Assemblage 23 – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 25-October 2004

Run Level Zero were…well, a bit dull really. To start with they very much reminded me of Aslan Faction, trying far too hard to ape bands like :wumpscut:, but with far less aggression and lacking in the killer songs to back it up. To be fair to them, the last couple of tracks did improve immensely (mainly by upping the tempo), and I may well look at playing the last track (Under The Gun) on a Tuesday…


Run Level Zero

Corporation, Sheffield
25 October 2004

Rotersand were a revelation. Another band to cross the line somewhere between EBM, Industrial, and Rhythmic Noise, with hard, danceable beats and some great tunes. Highlights were without a doubt Almost Violent and a rather wonderful reconstruction of Lifelight. One low point – the acoustic ballad, One Level Down. There was just no need, and it knocked the life from the middle of the set. New track at the end was ace, too…The campaign for them playing Infest next year starts here. Oh, and one other odd thing – the rather tall singer bore a striking resemblance to a friend of ours, in my opinion…

Although they had something to prove after following Rotersand, Assemblage23 were still great. And yes, I am slightly biased, but still, they provided a good, solid show, the set pretty much based on that from Infest, although sadly missing Divide and Let Me Be Your Armor – and indeed, still neglecting the first album totally. But what was played was good, with the new songs (now that I know them better) fitting in seamlessly. Highlight? In the absence of the aforementioned, probably Disappoint and Complacent.

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