Into the Pit: 003: Killing Miranda – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 28-November 2004

First act Dyonisis were a pleasant surprise – two female vocalists, a guitarist and bassist – with various electronics and beats on a backing track. Crippled by what was frankly an appalling sound set-up, there were moments when they really did sound good, especially the acappella track. A demo is coming soon apparently (as is a website), perhaps expect to hear them played on a Tuesday sometime when I get my hands on it.

Voices of Masada seemed popular, but to be honest were just not really my bag. I don’t really want another band harking back to the eighties and peddling the same old trad goth. Faces of Sarah confused me even more. They came across to me as a goth pub rock band – nothing at all that caught me, and they seemed to rumble on forever.

Somehow, last night was the first time that I had seen Killing Miranda live. And I was pleasantly surprised. I knew from recent airings of Enter The Dagon and other tracks at Everfink/Batfink that the new stuff is very different to the likes of Burn Sinister, or Teenage Vampire. Sure, some old stuff was played, but compared to the new stuff it just helped to emphasise even more the quantum leap that has been made with the new material. It packs far more of a punch, with tunes that still take up residence in your skull for days to follow, and still with a sharp sense of humour. So a definite thumbs up there.

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