Into the Pit: 001: Skinny Puppy – The Forum – 19-July 2004

Last night lived up to all its billing and far, far more: by general agreement the best gig most of us had ever been to.

Skinny Puppy
Portion Control
Live @ The Forum, Kentish Town
19 July 2004

Support act Portion Control were…ok. Yes, I know they have been around ages, and are über-influential…but, well, they were a bit dull. Competent rhythmic electronics and little else, I thought.

Skinny Puppy were just incredible from start to finish. They started with Downsizer as an intro, and as I’mMortal kicked in, on staggered Ohgr. Looking…odd. It took me a while to work it out, but it appeared to be the look of rotting flesh. With a corset and oversized synthetic nose/mask. As they progressed into Pro-Test, he began to lose more of it, and then took to releasing fake blood pellets over himself. And spraying fake blood from a gun with Dubya on screen during Neuwerld.

Highlights? Jesus, hard to pick, But lets pick a few then. Worlock, Inquisition and Tin Omen were all awesome (the latter in particular), VX Gas Attack was out of this world (and unbelievably intense), and finishing on Harsh Stone White…heaven.

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