/Welcome to the Future/119/Events, gigs and new release round-up/27-Mar 2020

It feels weird posting this, but I need to keep going. There are loads of new releases, and still there is new music coming through, and buying music right now is the only way we can help. The events listing is still being updated, but obviously, an awful lot is being postponed, cancelled or changed right now.

/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/019, which continues on the letter M. /transmission/020 will follow soon.

You can also get it via RSS, on iTunes, on Stitcher, and is also now available on the Google Podcasts App (search “amodelofcontrol”) and Spotify too.

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), comment/message on Facebook at the amodelofcontrol.com page, and over on Twitter (@amodelofcontrol).

/This Week/New Releases

Firstly, announced after I went to press last week – a new release from Randolph & Mortimer, Union of the Faithful, a quartet of thumping collaborations with all proceeds to a local Sheffield charity.

There’s another glut of new releases this week worthy of note.

Leading the charge this week are Pearl Jam, whose eleventh album – and first in seven years – is Gigaton, and sounds like a revitalised band looking out across a ravaged world. I must confess I’ve not listened to Pearl Jam in a while, but this album is frankly brilliant. While released unexpectedly yesterday was a pair of new albums from Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts V / Ghosts VI, which continue the excellent instrumental series with two lengthy releases. There’s an awful lot of detail in the mix, too, so listen to these on the best speakers that you can.

Elsewhere, the ever-solid The Birthday Massacre return with the very good Diamonds, Swedish EBM veterans Pouppée Fabrikk release Armén, their first new album in decades, breakcore nutcase Igorrr releases Spirituality and Distortion, and The Orb are back with (the very good) Abolition of the Royal Familia.

There is also a new album from Jared Louche project Ultraterrestrials, but I don’t have the link for that yet.

Various new tracks and singles have appeared, too. There’s an excellent (and rather short) new LORN single called Guardian, another searing new Lingua Ignota single with a great title (O Ruthless Great Divine Director), the new single from ORANSSI PAZUZU (Uusi teknokratia), and finally, new Run The Jewels at long last.

Finally, if you fancy joining the Battles “open-source remix project”, full details are here.

/Upcoming/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

Obviously things have rather changed right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

This weekly listing has now seen a significant overhaul, and has moved over to a Shareable calendar format that is embedded below. You can add it to your own calendar views if you wish (GCal link, iCal link), and then you will get dynamic updates as I get them. Otherwise see the embedded calendar below.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above.

/amodelofcontrol.com/next week

Look out for /Tuesday Ten/402, and potentially some other things now I have more time.

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