/Tuesday Ten /518 /Power

Once again, I’ve been digging into the suggestion archives this week and picking up on another subject that I asked about aeons ago and never got ’round to using. /Tuesday Ten /518 /Power /Subject /Power /Playlists /Spotify / /YouTube /Related /294/Strength to Endure /Tuesday Ten/Index /Assistance /Suggestions/125 /Used Prior/28 /Unique Songs/94 /People Suggesting/53 /Details /Tracks […]

/Countdown/2010s/Tracks /80-61

Continuing the process of wrapping up the last decade before it disappears too far into the rearview mirror, this is the seventh part of the best tracks of the 2010s. This has been an interesting, and memory-laden trip doing this list. I’ve dredged up a few memories, reconnected with a few songs I’d not heard […]

/Tuesday Ten/401/Isolation

As a number of people in comment and meme form have joked this past week or two, this isn’t the dystopian future we were promised. But it’s the one we’ve got, and it is remarkable how certain outlooks have changed. Certain political policies that were ridiculed just three months ago have become instantly popular – […]