Welcome to the Future: 012: Music news round-up 15-September 2017

Welcome to the seventh edition of this now-regular weekly round-up of music news, releases, events and happenings that might be of interest to the readers of amodelofcontrol.com. This is, of course, a perhaps selective list, as I can’t cover everything, but if I’m missing anything obvious, please let me know (details below on how to reach the site).

A reminder that amodelofcontrol.com will be at Whitby next month (although unlikely to be writing about bands – it’s a holiday for the site! – I’ll be playing for Real Gothic FC as usual, though) and then also BIMFest 2017 in December – never mind all the gigs that are fast popping up.

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New Releases this week

Not quite the sheer number of releases as last week, but there are still a number worth checking out.

Gary Numan’s twenty-first (!) album Savage (Songs From A Broken World is out today, led by the exceptional single My Name Is Ruin, while Prophets of Rage – a supergroup formed of members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill (and yes, it sounds exactly as you’d expect) – release their self-titled debut today too.

Also, there is Myrkur’s Mareridt, and Belphegor’s Totenritual out as well.

Upcoming Release news

Björk’s new album comes in November, but in the meantime, her new single The Gate went online this morning.

Elsewhere, there has been a dizzying number of announcements.

Alter der Ruine updated their FB this week with what appears to be a cover for a release called Doom Soother. Are they back?

More confirmed returns are for Grendel – Age of the Disposable Body comes in November – and Mind.in.a.Box, with a video teaser for Broken Legacies now online. The track World of Promises in particular sounds amazing.

In more guitar-based realms, the long-promised new Marilyn Manson album was confirmed as Heaven Upside Down, with the scorching new single being WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE. When you hear people saying it sounds like Antichrist Superstar again, they really aren’t kidding. The most furious, aggressive track he’s released since that album.

In addition, one I’d missed a few weeks ago is the return of Gothminister, single der Fliegende Mann with new album The Other Side to come. It sounds…ok?

As well as all that, Lamb are back with Illumina, and L7 are releasing their first new material in nearly two decades shortly.

Upcoming gigs and clubs

Various new additions to this list (with more to come).

15-Sep – Project Mayhem at Electric Ballroom, NW1
16-Sep – The Crüxshadows at Electrowerkz, N1
16-Sep – Clan of Xymox and Decoded Feedback at O2 Academy Islington, N1
16-Sep – Taxloss Club at Urban Bar, E1
16-Sep – Reptile at Club Kolis, N19
17-Sep – American Headcharge at The Dome, NW5
22-Sep – Dead & Buried at Club Kolis, N19
22-Sep – Club 80s at The Albany W1
23-Sep – Exit the Grey presents: Ash Code, Monica Jeffries & Llumen at Electrowerkz, N1
23-Sep – Utterly Wrecked! The Gothic Boat Party and Thames Cruise at Tower Pier, EC3
23-Sep – Resurrected Returns at The George, Leeds
29-Sep – Some Weird Sin 5th Birthday at Nambucca, N19
29-Sep – Star-Shaped Club at O2 Academy Islington, N1
30-Sep – Nightmare at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham
30-Sep – Bunker 13 at Eiger Studios, Leeds
03-Oct – EMA at Oslo, E8
05-Oct – Ben Frost at Electric Brixton, SW9
05/06/07-Oct: Assembly of Disturbance (Test Dept.)
06-Oct – Exit The Grey IV at The Star of Kings, London N1
07-Oct: Carpe Noctum at The Library, Leeds
07-Oct – Glitch 16: postpunk New Wave minimal at Royal Sovereign, E5
14-Oct – Slimelight Turns 30 at Electrowerkz, N1 with This Morn’ Omina live beforehand (!)
19-Oct – Desperate Journalist and Fightmilk at The Dome, NW5
20-Oct – Pinkshinyultrablast at Oslo, E8
21-Oct – Sentinel v3.0 at Zombie Shack, Manchester
27-Oct – Bunker13 at RAW, Whitby
27/28-Oct – Whitby Goth Weekend at Spa Pavilion, Whitby
29-Oct – The 80s night with The Memepunks and after-party at RAW, Whitby
04-Nov – Electronic Liberation Tour at Corporation, Sheffield
08-Nov – Igorrr at O2 Academy Islington, N1
09-Nov – Vulture Industries, Code, Talanas at Boston Music Room, NW5
11-Nov – PWEI at ULU, W1
02-Dec – Manuskript, The Memepunks and Foxcunt at The Islington, N1

Other things

Announced yesterday was the death of Grant Hart, at the age of just 56. You may not know his name immediately, but the sound of his band Hüsker Dü (which he formed with Bob Mould and Greg Norton, Hart was the drummer and co-vocalist/songwriter with Mould) continues to ring down through the ages. They were one of the first bands to cross the divide between hardcore punk and accessibility, and without them, Pixies, Nirvana, grunge generally, and much of the alternative rock we hear still simply wouldn’t be the same – and Hüsker Dü’s work itself is well worth your time. Pitchfork have a pretty good primer of Hart’s work in ten songs if you’re curious.

There are some strange, as yet not-fully-clear goings-on in California, too, as Polish death metal band Decapitated have made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, being accused of kidnapping and rape (which they vehemently deny).

Elsewhere, Big Black’s Songs About Fucking turns thirty this year, and there is a great write-up about it in Rolling Stone, while it has been established once and for all that We Shall Overcome is no longer in copyright.

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