But Listen: 007: Velvet Acid Christ – Pretty Toy EP

VAC’s first single in a few years, and surprisingly it lives up to expectations. Perversely, he has chosen to release a slow track as the first single, and it works.

Velvet Acid Christ

Pretty Toy
Label: Dependent
Catalog#: MIND055
Buy from: no longer available
Listen on: Spotify

Note: First appeared in Black Harvest issue #6

It is not unlike “Velvet Pill” from Twisted Thought Generator, with a languid beat and sparse vocals. It feels less cluttered, perhaps, than many VAC tracks, probably as there are less samples than usual – but it is none the worse for it. The B-Side “Introvert” isn’t bad either, and I can’t see why it wasn’t included on the album – but there you go…

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