But Listen: 006: Void Construct – Sensory Division

Nothing exactly anything new here, but as EBM goes this isn’t bad. Another band from the Cryonica stable, this album has a couple of good tracks and many that are just, well, ok. The first proper track (Rebirth) is probably the best, underpinned by a strong, driving beat, so would sound great in a club. And here be the first problem, perhaps.

Void Construct

Sensory Division
Label: Cryonica
Catalog#: CRYCD009
Buy from: Cryonica Store
Listen on: Spotify

Note: First appeared in Black Harvest issue #6

It just doesn’t work sitting at home listening to it. As really, there isn’t much else. Scott Walker’s vocals are not particularly strong, and just get lost in the mix, and there isn’t much variety. Most of the tracks just plod on at a similar pace to the last, meaning that by the time you get halfway you don’t really want to hear any more. The fact that the album is some 68 minutes long makes it something of an endurance test to get through. Which brings me back to the club bit – one track at a time is fine, but an album…?

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