But Listen: 005: Killing Ophelia – Last Vision

One of four side projects from Aslan Faction, this sounds remarkably different. The band is Lee Lauer from Aslan Faction, and Karen King, who has appeared on an AF track previously and on tour.

Killing Ophelia

Last Vision
Label: Black Rain
Catalog#: not known

Listen on: Spotify

Note: First appeared in Black Harvest issue #6 October 2003

Aside from the intro Apprehension (1:44), the opener proper 10:06 is a great-uptempo track, showing off Karen’s vocals to great effect. She has a lovely, breathy voice, that helps to add real colour to many of the tracks that would otherwise sound somewhat sparse and featureless. Choke and Hyde even use her voice more as an instrument in some parts, giving a somewhat ethereal effect.

Although the album begins to fall off a little towards the end, it is certainly different – and perhaps better than Aslan Faction’s own recent release.

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