/Welcome to the Future/178/Livestreams and new releases 18-Jun 2021

The weather has improved, Livestreams are back from me, (still) who knows what the future holds – especially as live events have been pushed back that little bit further. In addition, I’ve overhauled the events page in a big way, so see the link further down for that. Livestreams and waiting for new releases seem to be the order of the day, for now, still, so I continue to wrap up both, as well as the tentative announcements for new in-person events and gigs.

/Welcome to the Future/178
/Livestreams and new releases 18-Jun 2021

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Also, if you missed them, read my roundup of 2020 in the form of /Countdown/2020. /Countdown/2020/Albums, /Countdown/2020/Tracks, and /Countdown/2020/Compilations and Re-issues.

/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/024, which starts on the letter P. /transmission/025 will follow soon.

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/Releases out today or recently
Having to take last week away from this (a rare day out for work these days) meant I’m catching up on two weeks’ worth of releases, and there’s a lot to cover.

Lonely Tourist / Near Here /Bandcamp
Released at the beginning of the month, more fascinating tales of life from the gloriously good balladeer.
Templər / Myths and Consequences /Bandcamp
A scorching, noisy album that harks back to classic power-noise/rhythmic-noise.
Garbage / No Gods No Masters /Band store
The best Garbage album in many, many years – back to what they do best.
Lycia / Casa Luna /Bandcamp
The long-running darkwave project continue their exceptional renaissance.
LEATHERS / Reckless EP /Bandcamp
Shannon Hemmett’s solo project finally gets a first EP release.
Order of the Static Temple / Rise In Fire /Bandcamp
A solid album of industrial from some US industrial veterans.
Fear Factory / Aggression Continuum /Band store
I’d missed mentioning this previously, but the final Fear Factory album featuring Burton C. Bell is out this week, the result of the sorry mess of legal wrangles in the band. It’s a shame, as what I’ve heard so far of the new album is pretty good…
Bossk / Migration /Bandcamp
The excellent post-metal band release their first new album in a while.
Hacktivist / Hyperdialect /Band store
The fascinating grime/metal band release their latest album.
Heavy Temple / Lupi Amoris /Bandcamp
Psych-stoner doom? Bring it the fuck on.
SCALPING / Flood EP /Bandcamp
SCALPING have made a hell of a splash with their first singles, this is their first EP of their near-unique industrial-techno-EBM-post-rock experimentation.
Withered / Verloren /Bandcamp
Blackened death/doom from the US.
Anaal Nathrakh / The Codex Necro /Bandcamp
Hard to believe that this nasty piece of work is twenty years old, but the reissue gives it a spit’n’polish, and perhaps makes it sound even more savage than ever.
Dim Gray / FLOWN /Bandcamp
Downbeat Norwegian alt-rock that has a lot of charm – a reissue from last year.
Chemlab / Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar /Bandcamp
The greatest machine-rock album of all gets a long-promised, much deserved reissue and remaster.
Pitchshifter / Industrial (Remastered) /Bandcamp
The resurgence of interest in Pitchshifter since their return was always going to see reissues at some point, and here’s the first of them. I’m rather hoping for Desensitized to be reissued (it desperately needs it).

/Upcoming releases announced this past two weeks
02-Jul 2021 / HOCICO / Broken Empires / Lost World EP /Bandcamp
The latest EP from these aggrotech pioneers.
16-Jul 2021 / Det Kätterska Förbund / Lidaverken Del I: Att i Vådeld Förgås /Bandcamp
NORDVARGR (MZ.412) and ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ (TREPANERINGSRITUALEN) team up for an album I have no doubt will be an unpleasant, oppressive experience.
06-Aug 2021 / LINGUA IGNOTA / SINNER GET READY /Bandcamp
The latest album from the most dramatic of artists in recent times – the lead single PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE has a deep sense of dread running through it.
20-Aug 2021 / Deafheaven / Infinite Granite /Bandcamp
Less black metal, more shoegaze? It appears Deafheaven have decided it is time to move on.
20-Aug 2021 / MILDREDA / I Was Never Really There /Bandcamp
Jan Dewulf (Diskonnekted) returns to his original industrial project.
03-Sep 2021 / V▲LH▲LL / NEVERSLEEP /Bandcamp
03-Sep 2021 / Wingtips / Cutting Room Floor /Bandcamp pre-orders start 21-Jun
The second album from these post-punkers.
24-Sep 2021 / Public Service Broadcasting / Bright Magic /Band store
The theme for the new album is an unexpected one – Berlin, features a number of equally unexpected musical guests from the city (Blixa Bargeld, for a start), and the first single is a joy.
24-Sep 2021 / The Body and BIG|BRAVE / Leaving None But Small Birds /Bandcamp
Time for the eternal question – do The Body ever stop? Their latest collaboration is with the excellent BIG|BRAVE.

/Upcoming/Livestreams/Gigs/Club Nights/Events
Obviously, things change at short notice right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

/amodelofcontrol.com continues to maintain an events calendar, but it has now moved to /amodelofcontrol.com/events – and is now a dynamic, searchable database, and you can add individual events to your own calendars.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

/amodelofcontrol.com/next week
/Tuesday Ten/457 will come next week, as well as the second of the recently completed interviews (this one with LONESAW) – the latter carried over from the last few weeks (it needs a fair bit of formatting correction after some issues with it, and I’ve not had the time so far).

Livestreams continue from me this coming week – all detailed here.

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