/DJ/Stormblast/153 – 10-June 2021

Lockdown might be over soon, who knows. But in the meantime, we continue with fortnightly editions of /Stormblast, and this week we were back to normal, ish.


/Date /10-Jun 2021
/DJs /DJ:traumahound
/Genres /Extreme Metal /Doom /Black Metal /Death Metal /Thrash Metal /Sludge Metal /Post-Metal
/Details /Tracks played/29 /Duration/02:30:00

Well, back in the sense that I’ve moved, I have internet again, and so we can resume the fortnightly editions of /Stormblast again.

Stormblast 2020


Boris – Farewell
Grave Lines – The Nihilist Engine
The Brothers Keg – No Earthly Form
Clutch – Regulator
Cannibal Corpse – Condemnation Contagion
ACAUSAL INTRUSION – Nexious Shapeshifters
Nile – The Blessed Dead
Necrophagist – Stabwound
Children of Bodom – Hate Me!
Gorefest – Revolt
Grave Miasma – Guardians of Death
Darkthrone – Hate Cloak
Anaal Nathrakh – Submission Is For The Weak
The Axis of Perdition – A Ruined Nation Awakens
Celtic Frost – Progeny
NAZXUL – Divine Death
The Infernal Sea – Befallen Order
Watain – Sworn To The Dark
Nekromantheon – Visions of Trismegistos
Hellripper – Vampire’s Grave
Hell – On Earth As It Is In Hell
In Flames – System
Paradise Lost – Forsaken
Anathema – Pitiless
Katatonia – Burn The Remembrance
Sentenced – May Today Become The Day
Draconian – Lustrous Heart
My Dying Bride – Like Gods of the Sun

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