DJ: Guest: 015: Batfink Midsummer Nightmare – 22-July 2006

The Batfink Midsummer Nightmare last night was damned good fun, with a great-looking turnout (both in numbers and in how they all looked), loads of people I’d not seen in ages, and a few people I had not met before, either…and the only downside being not enough time to catch up with them all!

DJ: Guest: 015: Batfink Midsummer Nightmare

Hallam University Union
22-July 2006

It was bloody wierd DJing at it, though, after so long of being a punter there. But still a buzz (I really love DJing in clubs, there is nothing better than seeing a busy dancefloor for stuff you play), and thanks to all that supported my sets and everyone elses too.

2230-2300 C Pod:
Rotersand | Exterminate Annihilate Destroy | Reclubbed
Grendel | Soilbleed | v3.0
Suicide Commando | Hellraiser
Cyanotic | Order Out Of Chaos
Laibach | Tanz Mit Laibach
And One | Panzermensch | Request
Skinny Puppy | Pro-Test | Request

0030-0100 C Pod:
Combichrist | This Is My Rifle
Modulate | Skullfuck
Pow[d]erpussy | Cryogenicpussylover
Cubanate | Oxyacetalene
Malice Mizer | Beast Of Blood | Request
Covenant | Call The Ships To Port
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern | Monster

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