But Listen: 027: Coreline – Please Keep Moving Forward

Little snippets and teaser EPs had slowly but surely got the interest rolling in Chris McCall’s Coreline project, and the release of PKMF really should push this even further.


Please Keep Moving Forward
Label: Infekted Sound
Catalog#: IS002
Buy from: No longer available


The album seems to be built around the idea of marrying together delicate sounding synth lines, and brutal, rhythmic beats – and it works in amazing fashion, as the two play off each other very well, making for a surprisingly listenable “noise” album.

Top track on the album by far is the astonishing headrush of Overdrive, based upon a hyperactive beat and incessant melody that run rings around each other for four and a half all-too-short minutes. There are many other highlights, all of which run around the idea, it seems, of an organic nature to the album.

This perhaps is the thing that really stands this album out from others in the genre. In it’s linking with nature, it has a looser feel to it, rather than the often somewhat formulaic, machinistic feel seen elsewhere.

It certainly gives the album a little more ‘soul’, perhaps, and even if it is over far too quickly (two remixes tacked onto the end only take the album to about thirty-nine minutes), future developments in the Coreline camp are eagerly awaited.

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