DJ: Guest: 005: Black Sheep – 27-February 2005

Last night was good fun. Not too bad a turnout.

DJ: Guest: 005: Black Sheep

27-February 2005


First band were Systemyk, who play a rather wonderful gothic metal hybrid, kinda like a Paradise Lost style. Which they pull off well – and having had assistance from Gregor from PL on the new material can’t have been a hindrance. Lovely people, too, and now having a CD of their stuff, expect to hear some over the coming weeks.

Psychophile, however, just left me cold. Two goths. A backing tape. A guitar. And two voices. *yawn*

Sorry, but they were just dull. They looked like they were enjoying themselves, and they connect with the audience well, but just not my style.

Die Krupps – Iron Man (KMFDM Remix)
Front Line Assembly – Millenium (1000 Years Of Decay)
Birmingham 6 – Police State (Mutual Blade)
In Strict Confidence – Zauberschlo├č
[:SITD:] – Lebensborn
Suicide Commando – Cause Of Death: Suicide
Punto Omega – Punto Omega
:wumpscut: – Deliverance (Album Mix)
Flesh Field – Recoil
Velvet Acid Christ – Dial8 (Angel Of Death Edit)
Assemblage 23 – Document – Request
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller (And One Remix)
Seabound – Contact
Cut.Rate.Box – Ego – Request

Systemyk Live Set

Red20 – Gunners
Gravity Kills – Enough
Collide – Euphoria (Emirian Mix)

Psychophile Live Set

Skinny Puppy – Pro-Test
Nine Inch Nails – Heresy
Rammstein – Sehnsucht
Paradise Lost – Isolate
Faith and The Muse – Sredni Vashti – Request
Uninvited Guest – The Devil’s Toybox – Request
Killing Joke – Wardance – Ultimate Version – Request

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