Into the Pit: 009: Mastodon – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 14-February 2005

Last night was otherwise Mastodon at Corp. Never before have a band had a more apt website name ( Buoyed on by a packed (and enthusiastic) crowd, they seemed to start sluggishly with the mammoth 14-minute epic that is Hearts Alive, sounding somewhat muddy, but as it came to an end everything just seemed to snap into focus. And by the time I Am Ahab followed it, it indeed felt like the band had come and surfaced from the murky depths.



Corporation, Sheffield
14 February 2005

Truly, this band deserve all the plaudits they have had so far and many, many more. Not a note is wasted, they are incredibly tight live for such a complex sound, and they have an amazing ability to just lock into a groove. Highlights are frankly hard to pick, but Seabeast, Iceland, Crusher Destroyer, a stomping Blood & Thunder (with the crowd baying the chorus), and a rampaging finish with March of the Fire Ants all stick out in the memory.

It was mentioned by Troy Sanders (the bassist, who frankly is nuts on stage. And looks damned scary) that they are coming back in a few months to play again in the UK. Don’t miss ’em next time.

A quick mention for the support acts, too – Burst, whom I caught the end of, and were pretty a prety competent act – kind like Will Haven but heavier (yes, it can happen) with Death Metal leanings; and then Dozer, who despite being Swedish looked and sounded as if they were from the Californian desert – oh yes, they were a stoner band. Kinda reminded me of Clutch. With added wibbling, getting through about five songs in 40 minutes.

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