But Listen: 009: Interlock – Army Of Me/Straight

Army of Me (a cover of the old Bjork single, of course) is looking unlikely to be released officially at present, which would be a shame – seeing as it is an interesting introduction to the band if you have not heard them before.


Army Of Me / Straight
Label: Anticulture
Catalog#: download releases
Buy from:: no longer available individually

Interlock are a tough band to nail down – they are an intriguing cross between death metal and industrial, I guess, but inhabiting a somewhat warmer place than say, Red Harvest. Much of this is down to the clever use of two vocalists, with Emmeline May’s fantastic voice adding a splash of colour to what would otherwise be a very dark and unrelenting sound. It is a somewhat surprisingly faithful cover, too. Well worth a listen if you can get hold of a copy.

Straight is the first track to be made available in advance of the new album Crisis//Re-Invention (and can be heard from here – just head to the mp3s section),and is a fascinating glimpse at how much the band have evolved with the new material. The interplay of Emmaline May and Hal’s vocals has never sounded more…vengeful, the whole track literally sweating malice from every pore.

Technically it sounds fantastic, too, with the track underpinned by a storming double kick-drum and chugging riff attack, with all kinds of electronics swirling in and out of the mix. As if I wasn’t anticipating the new album enough already…

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