Tuesday Ten: 016: Tracks of the Month (August 2007)

So, the start of a new month, so it's time for my monthly run-down of tracks that I really like right now, and obviously it has something of an Infest bias for some of it…


Track of the Month

Prometheus Burning
Battery Drain
nBoyde raRepi

This is the new track that opens the reworking of the album Beyond Repair – and it is worth the price of the CD alone. As with all of their previous output, it is very, very intense, with a sound that fills every single bit of space. The vocal treatment this time – almost like a higher-pitched, very angry Dalek – sounds bloody scary, too.

Girly Show

Something of a revelation at Infest, where their perceived lightweight sound got something of a boost. Having reassessed my views of the album since, I love it – and this is the true killer track, I think – a slinky, sneering electro-pop song. Oh, and there's a video for it too…

Spit or Swallow

…where old-school KMFDM rip through the new and make a re-appearance in quite astounding fashion. Sheets of guitar tear through the beats, a classic KMFDM chorus, and Sascha doing what he does best – ranting and growling his vocals. The rest of the album is good, too, but this stands head-and-shoulders above all of it.


Tim recommended that I pick up this album, and his verdict wasn't wrong – it's fantastic. Ultra-dark breakcore and nothing else.

Minimal Communication

(Not available online)

Brain-scrapingly extreme (and very, very loud) at Infest, things aren't much less than aural violence on CD from this lot either. As rhythmic industrial goes, this is great stuff in small doses – and this track is my favourite at present. The album remains something of a trial to get through in one sitting, though…


Something of a star turn last week at Infest has done no harm to Soman's profile, although his habit of releasing a succession ass-kicking dancefloor industrial tracks is hardly hurting either. Hence the choice of this track – seemingly becoming something of a dancefloor fixture. The additional vocals are a nice touch, too.

Booze Up and Riot
Booze Up and Riot

Yes, another Infest star from the other week. I called this track "punk as fuck" in my review, and I stand by that. Not totally representative of what Caustic does, but who cares? It's great fun, and in a scene that perhaps takes itself a little too seriously most of the time, this is a breath of beer-tainted air.

Klangfusion Vol.1

I wasn't especially taken with the last [:SITD:] album – while solid, it didn't really have much to make it stand out, certainly nowhere near as good as the first album. This lead track from forthcoming album Bestie: Mensch is a stomping return to form, with powerful rhythmic base giving a good platform for the snarling vocals.

About A Dead
About A Dead CDM

The band that are probably to blame for most of the "harsh" electro out there are back – and this rant against religion is a really good comeback after a bit of a while since their last truly new material. It isn't anything groundbreaking, it is just Hocico doing what they do best, which is fine by me. Also worth a mention is a rare glimpse of humour from the band, with the CD containing a "Speedy Gonzales" remix of the title track!

Arcade Fire
Wake Up

One of the most singularly life-affirming bands I have ever heard, never mind the song. I don't know how they do it, or what got them to where they are, but something about them just makes them sound fucking magical. And this track is just utterly glorious. Apparently being there when they close with it live (as they always do) is a bit special – as I haven't seen them yet this version of it from Glasto this summer will have to do…

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