Tuesday Ten: 042: Tracks of the Month (June 2008)

So, onto this week's Tuesday Ten: and with a new month already, it's time for my usual monthly rundown of ten tracks I really quite like right now.


Track of the Month

Everything Goes Cold
I've Sold Your Organs on the Black Market to Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan
Prepare To Be Refrigerated

Nigel has been playing this for some time, and now the EP is finally available (I'm awaiting my copy to arrive at the moment), it's finally time to mention it. It's a little strange, has a wicked sense of humour, and is a fantastic slice of US industrial (rock). Oh, and has possibly the best title I've heard all year.

Brutal Deluxe (Glitch Mode Demo)
Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild

Oh yeah. Cyanotic's first properly new track in some time, and it looks like forthcoming album The Medication Generation could be quite something. This track is a savage industrial-metal-drum'n'bass assault that is so full on it's nearly jumping out of the speakers to drag you into the moshpit. And this is only in demo form. Holy fuck… (for now, listen to the album in full on the link above. It has now been released, of course, I'm just awaiting my copy to arrive in the post from the US…)

Electric Beatdown Bitch
This Is What We Seek

Watch on YouTube

Talking of full-on…I've not got 'round to getting hold of this album until this past week, even though I've heard much of it before through friends (and in clubs, too). And I wish I had got it earlier – this is brutal stuff. Think the heavy beats of Terrorfakt crossed with the heavy distortion of Converter and you are kinda halfway there. This track is one of the standout tracks on the album, and I'm struggling to think of many dancefloor tracks as extreme as this.

Sent To Destroy
Frost EP

Talking of the dancefloor, the reigning king of the industrial dancefloor is back. Yeah, it's brainless, it's formulaic, but I can see this being another stormer of a dancefloor track. How does he do it?

Noise Anthem

The same could be asked of Soman, actually. From the recent (long) EP that showcased a handful of new tracks alongside a whole host of cracking remixes, this was the most immediate track and even as the token "new" track when played live it still had the dancefloor going mental.

Ashbury Heights
Morningstar In A Black Car

Ashbury Heights feel to me to be something of a guilty pleasure: I'm not usually one for synthpop bands, but for some reason I think this lot are great. While the album last year (Three Cheers For The Newly Deads) wasn't perfect, it was stuffed with a number of great pop songs and it appears that the forthcoming EP is bringing more of the same. This track is the lead track, and has a wonderfully downbeat feel to it, only made the more obvious by the slightly strange video (linked above).

Treponem Pal
Wierd Machine

Another of the "old guard" of industrial metal, who made a return this year with a crunching album that pretty much sounds as they used to (not that this is a bad thing). This album was overshadowed somewhat by the untimely death of Paul Raven during the recording of it, and perhaps has drawn attention from the fact that this is a pretty damned good album…

Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious

The confirmation of Carcass as the headliners of the Damnation Festival has made it pretty much the "must-see" metal gig this autumn. And also, it's a useful point just to remind us how fucking good this band were. This track is still my favourite – with an instantly recognisable intro that still sounds, er, fresh, even now.

The End of the World Show

Talking of comebacks, I managed to miss the recent comeback of Senser and so still haven't seen them live. What is interesting is that this new single (available as a free download on their site) is actually pretty good. Not as much of the "metal" as before, but it still has the pace and energy that Senser were always so good at injecting into their songs.

State of Mind

Finally, a totally new artist to me. Kudos to Hal for linking to this – yet more antipodean drum'n'bass, and it rules. While some of this act's tracks are a bit ambient for my liking, this particular track is a simply great example of hard and fast drum'n'bass. Time to hunt out some more of these guys…

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