Tuesday Ten: 052: Tracks of the Month (September 2008)

Back to the TT after a few weeks off, and it's time for my usual round-up of ten tracks that have had my attention this month.


Track of the Month

Tongue Tied & Twisted
Two Headed Monster

It's been a hell of a wait for the new Collide album, and happily it's been worth the wait. No reinventing of the wheel – why should they need to, though, when they already sound like no-one else (except their imitators, of course). This track is the slow burning opening track, that soon enough sweeps you off your feet like only this band can.

Amanda Palmer
Leeds United
Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

…probably the only thing I'll ever approve of with this title, I can tell you. Taking a rather different approach to her Dresden Dolls work, this. Rather than being rather stripped down in terms of instrumentation, everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink, by the sound of things) has been hurled at this and somehow it all stays together. Top moment? When the horns kick in for the first chorus, and your jaw drops to the floor with it.


I've already reviewed this album, of course, in the past month, but this track is just as great now as when I first heard it well over two years ago, perhaps even nearly three years now. A stomping, fists in the air anthem, I still have no doubt that this will be a dancefloor smash in time.

Mercury Rev
Senses on Fire
Snowflake Midnight

I've followed this band for years, but the last album didn't really get to me like the previous ones did. But this single is just…just…something else. It sounds like something beamed in from the stars, the band a light touch somewhere in the background as the stars shimmer around them.

The Architect
Vantage Point

Another band I've seemingly followed for ever, and next week I'm going to see them live at long last. This single is little odd – where dEUS take a right turn into angular, 80s-esque post-punk and even more unexpectedly, it is a sound that fits them well.

Amon Amarth
Twilight of the Thunder God
Twilight of the Thunder God

One of the few metal releases to have actually made me pay attention of late, the new album by these Swedish "Viking Metal" nutcases is great fun. Not a lot different from their previous stuff, really – but what they do is really pretty damned good. This is the opening track, that roars out of the traps and makes you want to get your viking drinking horn out and start drinking…

Juke Joint Jezebel [Metropolis Mix]
EXTRA Vol. 3

The last release in the trilogy of double CDs of remastered B-Sides and remixes from KMFDM of late, that by my reckoning will complete the remastering of much of their now hefty backcatalogue. This was the first track I got on promo from it (it is out today, as it happens), a great reworking of probably KMFDM's much loved and best known dancefloor classic. With another eight or nine remixes of this track to feature (and I'm not familiar with many of the remixes, in all honesty), I'll be interested to see what else was done with this.

Imperative Reaction
Minus All

A keenly awaited album this year has been this one – also out today – for which my hopes have been high following the last album being so damned good. Again, this was the first promo track I got, and the signs are really pretty positive. It takes up where As We Fall left off, in that it is emotionally-charged electro-industrial that really packs quite a punch, but isn't afraid to include melody too. Really looking forward to the album…


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…and I'm really looking forward to FH3, too. Opinion appears to be sharply divided on this new track, but I get the feeling that as with much of Faderhead's material, his tongue is firmly in his cheek with this stomping dancefloor track.


Not a new track by any means, I first discovered it on Dark Sonus Vol.1, and subsequently went and bought the album from iTunes. The reason it is here is that the yearning chorus has now been my "earworm" for the past month or more.

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