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This was one of the first suggestion threads where many of the responses really frustrated me. What is a landmark? Let’s check the definition of a landmark: /Tuesday Ten/462/A Time and a Place /Tuesday Ten/Playlists /Playlists/Spotify /Playlists/YouTube /Tuesday Ten/On Location /065/Places /082/Life In The City /135/A Night On The Town /212/Chicago /247/London /275/First We Take […]


This year: 170 bands, 57 days worth of gigs. Five festivals, three countries, eight cities/towns. From venues holding thousands to those holding tens. Due to personal issues and, frankly, being too damned busy for much of the year, I didn’t get to write about many of them aside from the festivals, so writing this list […]


After last year’s exhausting run of gigs, 2013 was even crazier. I saw 66 days of gigs – seeing nearly 160 live sets in the process, in three countries, six different cities and including three festivals. What was interesting, though, was that maybe I hit saturation point this year. While there were a handful of […]