But Listen: 014: Systemyk – The Victim

Anytime I get given a [demo] CD with a “produced by [famous name]” I’m gonna at least take a look. As in this case, with “Produced by Gregor Mackintosh [Paradise Lost]” on the front. Granted, I had seen them live first. The famous connection will certainly do them no harm. Musicwise, they do bear some resemblance to PL, yes.


The Victim
Label: Self-released
Catalog#: none
Buy from: no longer available


But not too much. Opening track We Are One is great, a driving beat, clever use of electronics and Sy’s soaring voice. Lies turns things on its head, a slow, grinding lament, again held together by Sy’s vocals – which really is the band’s holy hand grenade, if you will.

Final track The Victim ups the tempo, with a great electronic backbone floating in and out of the chugging riffs. One low point is the slightly flat sound, especially of the guitars – live there is something more of a punchy sound – but for a demo, this comes highly recommended, and live even more so.

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