But Listen: 016: Coreline – The Organized Sound EP

This act – the work of Chris McCall – one of many of friends of mine that are really delivering the goods of late with some top-quality industrial music. This new EP is frankly fucking fantastic – track of note being the quite sublime title track Organized Sound.


The Organized Sound EP
Label: self-released
Catalog#: not on label
Buy from:: no longer available

A driving beat with an almost hands-in-the-air synth line weaving through, it is a lot more accessible than you might think – and expect to hear it on tuesday! A little more full-force, if you will, is second track Overdrive, a little harder and a little faster and again, the synth line stays in your head long after. Last track – oddly titled Morrigans Brake – is kinda reminiscent of Converter, at least to start with, with a truly punishing beat and some clever phasing. All told, as all three tracks appear on forthcoming album Please Keep Moving Forward, the future is most certainly bright here.

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