But Listen: 030: Rabbit Junk – REframe

So where the hell to start? JP Anderson has been around a while. Firstly in the band The Shizit, who were Digital Hardcore but US-style. And fucking rocked. If you are aware of that band, it may not be entirely surprising to hear that Rabbit Junk is not all that far removed from them.

Rabbit Junk

Label: since re-released on Full Effect
Catalog#: FE-020
Buy from: Full Effect

Listen on: Spotify


Well, apart from the fact that everything has been turned up to 11. The music, the vitriol, the insanely bright and almost cartoon-ish imagery – and the quality, too.

If the first (self-titled) album was a shot in the arm, and on occasions a little varying in overall quality, this second album is just fucking nuts.

How? OK…The blastbeat smackdown of Demons, the kids-TV-theme-gone-bad – or number-one-single-smash-in-a-parallel-universe somewhere, your call – of In Your Head No-One Can Hear You Scream, the Pitchshifter-on-crack thrills of Beating Track, the warped, marching-band thrashabout of The Big Push…and that is just the first four songs.

Much of the rest of the album continues in a similar vein – that is, you don’t have a clue what is coming next, and as JP paints his aural landscapes with a technicolour brush so vivid that you can only stand back and admire as it unfolds. Where he goes next will certainly be interesting, but in the meantime this will do nicely.

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