But Listen: 058: Dyspraxia – A Pound of Flesh

I’ve spent some time listening to the various odds and ends of Dyspraxia output over the past 18 months or so, and his work continues to fly off in all kinds of directions. Nowadays – on record at least – Dyspraxia is firmly in the realms of electronica, as opposed to live performances where the beats are very much more in evidence, and the live output often bears little relation to it’s recorded version.


A Pound of Flesh

Label: Infekted Sound
Catalog#: not known
Buy from:: no longer available

Opener Breathless and Bleeding is a glittering sonic structure of chiming refrains and gentle beats, before Glaxo Smith Kline unleashes a breathless barrage of shapeshifting breaks and beats that barely lets up once, and it’s four minutes flash by. A quick change of the baton into Paradigm Shift, and the beats pick up where they left off, before morphing gradually into something else entirely.

Sexactive has an almost normal 4/4 beat, with some very odd distorted-to-fuck vocals and squelchy synth lines that seem to play off each other to good effect. Closing track Numbness and Tingling is another break-filled track that again uses pretty, chiming synths but at over seven minutes is far, far too long. Even as it winds tighter towards the end, before deconstructing itself layer-by-layer, I was already feeling that it was too much.

And again, like last time, the worry is that there are too many ideas stuffed in here at once. The quantity of ideas is not a bad thing – there just needs to be less of them at once. Now, if he could channel the pounding, relentless live experience onto CD, I’d be all ears. Otherwise, I can listen in bits but rarely all at once.

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