Into the Pit: 042: 3ulogy – Live at The Nelson Sheffield – 22-June 2007

Last night was the second 3ulogy gig in three weeks in Sheffield, supported this time by the Leicester-based noise act DirtyK.



The Nelson, Sheffield
22 June 2007

DirtyK were an interesting act live, too. Mainly live-based, which for many in the noise scene seems to be something of a novelty, and in style it seemed closely-allied to some of the more brutal rhythmic noise that comes from the Ant-Zen stable. This was something that was made all the more obvious by their playing of a version of their remix of Converter‘s Butcher, which while keeping the familiar samples took the track into territories previously not noted. While that was a clear highlight of the set, there were a lot of other ideas thrown in that kept one’s attention – particularly the constantly shifting rhythms and strange, otherworldly samples that kept popping up. I do want to see them in a bigger venue, though, as the sound system seemed to be having trouble coping with the aural assault.

3ulogy suffered similar issues with the sound, which meant that Forget was stripped of a little of it’s intensity, and other songs also blurred a little out of the speakers. A totally different set this time around, and only seven songs, meant that it all felt a bit rushed and short, but what we got was very good indeed. Particularly new track Broken, which didn’t make it onto the recent CD due to “production issues”. Shame, as it is fantastic – a firestorm of beats and Nick’s trademark torrent of fury into the microphone. Here’s hoping a recorded version does make it out sometime, as it would be a real waste of one of their best songs yet otherwise. Also of note was What You Don’t Want To Hear, which seems to get more feral every time I hear it.

And at the end of the set, as Nick did some hefty damage to one of his microphones by hurling it to the concrete floor, it was reminded that this will be their last appearance in Sheffield for some time. With another poor attendance, who can blame them? They are clearly appreciated better elsewhere.

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