Into the Pit: 034: Zyklon – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 08-September 2006

I only really went to the gig for 1349 and Zyklon, and as I was fucking shattered by the end of the latter I decided to leave it at that – Enslaved used to be ace, but are somewhat…different nowadays, and not all that much in a good way in my opinion.



Supporting Enslaved who were not covered

Corporation, Sheffield
08 September 2006

However before the two main bands (for me), there was another – Insomnium. Yet another melodic death metal band…yawn. Sorry, another place, another time, maybe – but not here.

1349 came onstage, and certainly looked the part – all corpsepaint and spikes. The music matched the “old school” black metal appearance, but sadly the sound was little more than a muddy mess, becoming incredibly difficult to make out much at all. Of what we did pick out, both I Am Abomination and the closing Riders Of The Apocalypse were the highlights.

Clearly, too, a huge proportion of the audience (and it was some turnout, too) were there in the main for Zyklon, so it’s kinda inexplicable that they got just 30 minutes. The sound was certainly cleared up for them, as it was punishingly loud and clear – and all the better for it. There is little trace of the industrial touches from their recorded output, or indeed much black metal in their live set – it is heads down relentless death metal, and it is utterly fantastic. Nothing played from World Ov Worms, and going on the many calls for Hammerfall Revelation, I wasn’t the only one disappointed that they didn’t play it. Still, Psyklon Aeon and Core Solution simply crushed, while new tracks Disintegrate and the closing In Hindsight prove that the new Zyklon stuff is just as good as the old. Just that we want a longer set next time, yes?

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