Into the Pit: 044: Boris – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 29-June 2007

Last night saw me head to Corporation as planned to see Boris. I didn’t bother with the support bands, but Boris themselves were really worth the effort. Their output has shifted across countless styles over the years, but in the main we were treated to the more psychedelic, acid-fried rock from Pink, some of the seriously indulgent soloing from more recent Rainbow, and some very, very loud droning doom from their older releases.

Live @ Corporation, Sheffield
29 June 2007

The band itself look odd on stage – dwarfed by the huge number of amps and cabinets across the back wall, drummer Atsuo squeezes his drum kit in between, with a three-foot gong behind him, guitarist Wata is impossibly thin, her guitar almost the size of her, while Takeshi hides behind his long black hair while grooving away on his double-necked guitar/bass. Little is said between songs, but there is no real need to – their sound was so fucking loud we wouldn’t have heard a damned thing they said anyway. Highlight of the 85-minute set was unquestionably the jaw-dropping 25-minute drone freakout that they finished with, that had so much power it was vibrating the floor to an uncomfortable degree. Mention also for Atsuo’s crazy drumming – in between bashing seven shades of shit out of his drums and the gong, he was howling away, pointing at the more active members of the crowd, stagediving – three times, and then finished by throwing “devil horns” at the crowd while perilously stood on top of his drum kit. The international language of metal, eh?

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