/Welcome to the Future/196/Livestreams and new releases 03-Dec 2021

Into December, and with Bandcamp today, the usual Christmas release desert is pushed back by a week, it seems. /Countdown/2021 began last Tuesday with /Countdown/2021/Compilations and re-issues, and I’ve finally begun clearing the interview mountain.

In the meantime, here’s the usual wrap of new music and suchlike this week.

/Welcome to the Future/196
/Livestreams and new releases 03-Dec 2021

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/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/024, which starts on the letter P. /transmission/025 will follow soon – at last!

You can also get it via RSS, on iTunes, on Stitcher, and is also now available on the Google Podcasts App (search “amodelofcontrol”) and Spotify too.

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/Releases out today

Failure / Wild Type Droid /Bandcamp
The space-rock titans release their third album since reforming, and it’s another sublime release, doing everything I love about them so well.
Guilt Trip / Roots /Bandcamp
An excellent, thumpingly nasty industrial(-rock) album.
Hilary Woods / Feral Hymns /Bandcamp
More pitch-dark experimentation from this rejuvenated and reinvented artist.
Ruby / Salt Peter 25 /Bandcamp
The long-promised Salt Peter 25 takes a fresh look at a groundbreaking album. Read more about it in my interview with Lesley Rankine, published earlier this week: Talk Show Host/074.

Edgecase Development Corporation / ECEP I /Bandcamp
Eric Oehler spins out in a heavier, more aggresive electronic direction with a new EP.
daddybear feat. grabyourface / Boss Bitch /Bandcamp
While Eric’s KLACK bandmate Matt Fanale continues his work as daddybear…

/Upcoming releases announced this past week
/21-Jan 2022 / Boris / W /Bandcamp
The Japanese legends are back with a counterpoint to their last album NO, and the lead single Drowning By Numbers is an intriguing, minimalist (by their standards!) piece with an equally stark video.
/28-Jan 2022 / dexy / Sleeping Through Summer /
At last, the long-promised second album by dexy has been announced, led with long-time live favourite I Don’t Think I Turned Out Right, that is an excellent slice of anthemic alt-rock (and the video, filmed at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, is a lot of fun too).
/28-Jan 2022 / The Devil & The Universe / GOATopia /Official Artist Store
More dark imagery and thumping tunes from this most entertaining of live acts as they raise the Horns again.
/11-Feb 2022 / Cult of Luna / The Long Road North /Official Artist Store
The latest Cult of Luna album drops in February, and the lead track Cold Burn is a gargantuan, epic beast.
/25-Feb 2022 / In The Nursery / Humberstone /Bandcamp
The Sheffield duo mark forty years as a musical entity with a reflective album looking at their own past and roots – which judging on the information about it, promises to be an intriguingly diverse album. First single Ektachrome (The Animator) has a wistful feel to it.
/mid-March 2022 / Principe Valiente / Barricades
This Swedish band are new to me, but new single Porcelain kinda feels like if modern-day Suede took a turn into pitch-dark post-punk, and I like it a lot. The album is out in mid-March.
/01-Apr 2022 / GGGOLDDD / This Shame Should Not Be Mine /Bandcamp
The recently re-named (from GOLD) band return in the new year with an album they debuted in full at Roadburn last year – and from hearing it then, it is a striking, difficult work dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault. The first single is the outstanding, brooding Notes On How To Trust, which has an exceptional, cryptic video.

/Upcoming/Livestreams/Gigs/Club Nights/Events
Obviously, things change at short notice right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

/amodelofcontrol.com continues to maintain an events calendar, but it has now moved to /amodelofcontrol.com/events – and is now a dynamic, searchable database, and you can add individual events to your own calendars. I’m currently fixing a couple of minor backend issues, so new events may not be added promptly, or be added sporadically.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

/amodelofcontrol.com/next week
/Countdown/2021 will continue this week with the best tracks of the year, and time allowing another interview will be posted.

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