/Welcome to the Future/143/Livestreams and new release round-up/18-Sep 2020

We keep going amid the lockdown. There are new releases, and still, new music coming through, and buying music right now is the only way we can help. The events listing is still being updated, but obviously, an awful lot is being postponed, cancelled or changed right now.

/Welcome to the Future/143
/Livestreams and new release round-up/18-Sep 2020

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/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/023, which completes the letters N and O. /transmission/024 will follow soon.

You can also get it via RSS, on iTunes, on Stitcher, and is also now available on the Google Podcasts App (search “amodelofcontrol”) and Spotify too.

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/This Week/New Releases

Another busy week of new releases and announcements, and once again a few things to catch up on.

The now-long running band Asian Dub Foundation return with their first album in a while, Access Denied, which as you might expect is fiercely political, and has an awful lot to say about the UK of 2020 (and even features Stewart Lee on one track). As do Napalm Death, whose Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, their sixteenth album and, is frankly their best in years and years. It delivers the brutal grindcore that you’d expect, but also sees them explore different avenues, too, and the wonder is that all of it works brilliantly. Also at the extremities of metal is the excellent Black Metal of British band The Infernal Sea, whose Negotium Crucis is out today, and since I got it on promo, tracks from it have been on regular rotation on my /Stormblast livestreams.

Two noisy – in a very different way – releases come from the ever-quality ant-zen stable, with the latest album from synapscape, A Journey Through Concern, and also the punishing tribal power of LivingTotem’s surreal existence.

As usual, I also need to catch up on a few releases from the past few weeks. Released at the end of August was a great new EP from NO NAMES, whose I Surrender To The Void As Of Now I Am the Void is a brutal, grinding slab of industrial metal, while I’d also missed that Future Sound of London released Cascade 2020, that in some respects uses elements of their classic single Cascade to create a whole new album, that at points is fierce and hard-edged, and in others keeps the celestial beauty of the original.

Also, thanks to my friend Kenneth for pointing me toward this savage, brilliant slab of noise rock that came out last week – Atonement by Exhalants, expect to hear something from it at /TheKindaMzkYouLike/004 next Thursday.

And there’s more. The unexpected return of SALEM – new single Starfall dropped overnight, with a spectacular storm-chasing video. Also dropped this morning is the first of three new EPs from Portion Control, Seed EP1.

Like Infest, Cold Waves in Chicago – that back at the start of the year, I was intending on going to – has had to go Virtual, and the virtual event starts tonight and runs across the weekend. There is still the traditional compilation, potentially worth it alone for the great Stabbing Westward take on The Cure’s Burn.

/This Week/Upcoming Releases

Raymond Watts doesn’t seem to have stopped in the few years since <PIG> returned to action, and he’s still not done – new album Pain Is God comes on 20-Nov. The ever-excellent HEALTH release their traditional companion to their recent album, with DISCO4:: PART I coming on 16-Oct. Rather than the usual remix album, though, it is an album of collaborations (some of which we’ve already heard), as well as an excellent new song, the dystopian weirdness of CYBERPUNK

Marika Hackman – long a site favourite here – releases an interesting-looking covers album in November, simply titled Covers, and it has an intriguing mix of artists covered.

I have the original, sure, but fucking right I’m going to be picking up a remaster of the Swans album Children of God in November. Just The Burning World to go, now, Michael? While just in time for the Cold Waves virtual festival this weekend, the revitalised WaxTrax! have announced a thirtieth anniversary reissue and remaster of the classic My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult album Confessions of a Knife. This is going to be an expensive autumn…

Out tomorrow is a new single from Zeitgeist Zero, who’ve enlisted Karkasaurus for a, um, “dino-mite” remix of Domestic Blitz.

While the experimental label n5MD are marking their twentieth anniversary with a sprawling compilation, Twenty Years Away, that’s released on 06-November (Bandcamp Day), with all proceeds will be donated to the Cystinosis Research Foundation to help find a cure for one of the rarest genetic diseases, Cystinosis.

/Upcoming/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

Obviously things have rather changed right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

This weekly listing has now seen a significant overhaul and has moved over to a Shareable calendar format. The below draws direct from a GCal I’ve long maintained, and you can add it to your own calendar views if you wish (GCal link, iCal link), and then you will get dynamic updates as I get them. Otherwise, see the events listing below – click on the links to bring up the Calendar entry.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

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Look out for /Tuesday Ten/427, and the last of the interviews from Stay-In-Fest.

The next upcoming livestreams from /amodelofcontrol.com can always be found here. This week, it’s /Rivet/010 tonight, and TheKindaMzkYouLike/004 is on Thursday, where my wife Daisy will join me to DJ for the first time.

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