Welcome to the Future: 038: Events, gigs and new release round-up 20-April 2018

Another Friday, another round-up. As always this is a look at upcoming releases, relevant music news and upcoming events and gigs worth spending some of your time at. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’m always on the lookout for more to include.

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New and Upcoming Releases this week

Another busy week.

So, new this week: the excellent Chicago post-punkers Ganser release their debut album Odd Talk (a review is in the works for this site), while retro-futurist electronic band Metroland release their latest concept Men In A Frame.

Also out today, STRVNGERS release their latest album Amor / Noir, while A Perfect Circle return with their first new album in over a decade, Eat The Elephant, and Sheffield space-rock band AWOOGA release their debut album Conduit.

In upcoming release news…there is a new Mazzy Star EP coming in June, two Coil re-issues on DAIS (A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room and Worship the Glitch); following their recent EP, Ledermann De Meyer have an album out in June (Eleven Grinding Songs), Sonic Area have announced new album Eternalism.

Then, Eisbrecher release Schock Live, Deafheaven first released new track Honeycomb, and then confirmed new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, while Ghost are back with a new track and forthcoming album Prequelle. Last but not least, Axegrinder return with Satori on 13-July.

Upcoming Club Nights

Club of the Week

21-Apr: Slimelight (feat. Cervello Elettronico Live) at Electrowerkz, N1

21-Apr: Delete Yourself at Aatma, Manchester
27-Apr: Bunker 13 – The Last One By The Seaside at RAW, Whitby
27-Apr: Exit The Grey VI at The Hideaway, N19
28-Apr: Korova Milk Bar at Surya, N1
28-Apr: Tyranny at The Trap, Bristol
29-Apr: The 80s Night at The Whitby Way, Whitby
29-Apr: Nightmare at Abbey Wharf, Whitby
05-May: Anointed: Invocation at Aatma, Manchester
11-May: Xmal Dalston [Ed: ho-ho!] at Moustache Bar, N16
12-May: Mondlicht IV at The Albany, W1
19-May: Some Weird Sin #59 at The Victoria, E8
19-May: NO ALTERNATIVE at Zed Alley, Bristol
25-May: Ich Will (Rammstein clubnight) at Club Kolis, N19
26-May: The Light Pours Out of Me II at Orleans, N4
26-May: Noircastle at The Globe, Newcastle
26-May: Dark Cide Returns at 53 Degrees, Preston
08-Jun: Achtung! Achtung! at Aces and Eights, NW5
08-Jun: Sentinel Vol. 6 at Zombie Shack, Manchester
09-Jun: Unmasked (feat. The Horrorist Live) at Electrowerkz, N1
16-Jun: Exiled (feat. Blush Response Live and much more) at Electrowerkz, N1
30-Jun: Bunker13 at Eiger Studios, Leeds
13-Jul: Dead and Buried (feat. Winter Severity Index and Dear Deer Live) at Club Kolis, N19

Upcoming Gigs

Gig of the Week

20-Apr: Punk Rock // Greebo // Indie Disco w/Foxcunt & Keith TOTP Live at Stag’s Head, N1

20-Apr: Desperate Journalist Live at OSLO, E8
26-Apr: LOCKS – Bodies single launch Live at Ryan’s Bar, N16
30-Apr: Uniform + Petbrick Live at The Black Heart, NW1
04-May: Schwefelgelb + Broken English Club Live at Bloc, E3
16-May: Russian Circles / Brutus / Bossk Live at Oval Space, E2
20-May: Scuorn (IT) / Void / Shadowthrone / Disturbia Live at Nambucca, N7
27-May: ho99o9 Live at The Lexington, N1 (SOLD OUT)
28-May: Author & Punisher + Trepaneringsritualen Live at Electrowerkz, N1
09-Jun: Inertia + Android Lust Live at Electrowerkz, N1
09-Jun: PIG – The “Risen” Album Launch Live at The Black Heart, NW1 (SOLD OUT)
21-Jul: Ministry / Chelsea Wolfe Live at The Forum, NW5
02-Aug: Beat:Cancer Summer Tour (feat. Freakangel, Neonsol, Room 1985 + “Secret Band”) Live at Zigfrid von Underbelly, N1
03-Aug: Beat:Cancer Summer Tour (feat. Freakangel, Neonsol, Nature of Wires, Petrol Hoers) Live at The Facebar, Reading
04-Aug: Beat:Cancer Summer Tour (feat. Freakangel, Neonsol, Advance) Live at The Bread Shed, Manchester
19-Aug: Die Krupps / Front Line Assembly Live at O2 Academy Islington, N1
23/24/25/26-Aug: Infest Festival 20th Anniversary at University of Bradford, Bradford
25-Aug: Cubanate, Ruinizer and Seething Akira Live at Electrowerkz, N1
22-Sep: [:SITD:] / Biomechanimal / Matt Hart / My Hysteria Live at Electrowerkz, N1
20-Oct: Solar Fake Live at Electrowerkz, N1
28-Oct: Black Celebration (feat. DAF, The Young Gods, Suicide Commando, Sulpher, Empathy Test and more) Live at The Forum, NW5

Other Things

Infest completed their line-up today with the announcement of iszoloscope today.

One more announcement from Cold Waves has added the launch nights – which in Chicago has Crash Course in Science and Ruby at the Empty Bottle on the Thursday night.

While back in London, Black Celebration has been resurrected, and the line-up so far announced is a doozy. DAF, The Young Gods, Suicide Commando, Sulpher, Empathy Test, DKAG and Machine Rox (with at least one more band to come), and it’s on 28-October. Which if I’m not mistaken is likely to mean that it is up against Whitby…

In crime news, Cameron Heacock of American Head Charge looks to be in legal hot water, while Rotting Christ got arrested in Georgia (apparently being branded as Satanists means that they were deemed Terrorists).

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