Welcome to the Future: 016: Music news round-up 13-October 2017

Back around to another Friday already, hurtling deep into Autumn here in the UK, with Christmas already looming on the horizon. But enough of distant holidays, let us talk about the music that is around right now, and there is a lot of it this week.

As is usual, this is a round-up of new music, forthcoming releases, upcoming clubs and gigs, and a few other items that are worth reading about. My day-job has been very busy indeed over the past week, hence the drop in content, but Slimelight aside this weekend, I’ve got some time to do something about that over the next few days.

A reminder that my DJing alter-ego DJ:traumahound returns to the decks next week at the GVWI Hallowe’en Party, alongside some familiar names.

Also, of course, amodelofcontrol.com will be at Whitby next month (although unlikely to be writing about bands – it’s a holiday for the site! – I’ll be playing for Real Gothic FC as usual, though) and then also BIMFest 2017 in December – as well as various other gigs in London (and potentially at least one more some way further afield).

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), comment/message on Facebook at the amodelofcontrol.com page, and over on Twitter (@amodelofcontrol).

New Releases this week

Something of a bumper release week this week, maybe it was the fact that Friday fell on the thirteenth this month…

Anyway. The big, marquee release this week is St. Vincent’s new album MASSEDUCTION (and it’s fantastic), and right behind it are LEGEND’s Midnight Champion (Yes, at last, it’s finally here!), and Encephalon’s We Only Love You When You’re Dead. Reviews are in the works for both of this latter two, and should be online next week sometime.

As well as those, Mind.in.a.box return with Broken Legacies, their latest journey into the dreamweb.

Metropolis have been busy this week, too, with Inertia releasing Dream Machine, the
Ludovico Technique returning with Absence, and Snog’s best-known song gets a host of reworks on Corporate Slave 2525.

A closing of a book, of sorts, comes with the release of Alter der Ruine’s Doom Soother, while I’d missed this at the turn of the month – a new Trepaneringsritualen album.

The torrent of re-issues and remasters has perhaps slowed at last – maybe there is little more worthwhile to flog now – but another out today is a fully remastered take on Sepultura’s classic Chaos A.D.. More curiously, Nettwerk over in Canada have re-issued on vinyl Skinny Puppy’s Remission and Bites, but without remastering them…

Upcoming Releases

For Friday the thirteenth, Trent Reznor has covered John Carpenter.

A number of scene veterans all return in the next month or so. Godflesh release Post Self in November (which apparently is not as full-on as the last release), In The Nursery return with 1961, and Prurient is back too, in December…with an album that sprawls over *four* CDs and three hours long. *gulp*

Oh, and Texan electronic producer Rabit is back with Les Fleurs du Mal in November. His last release Communion was an excellent release (not least the brutal Pandemic that was #3 in Countdown: 2015: Tracks), so I’m looking forward to this.

Upcoming gigs and clubs

As always let me know if you want your event featured.

05-22-Oct: Goth City Festival, various venues, Leeds
14-Oct – Slimelight Turns 30 at Electrowerkz, N1 with This Morn’ Omina live beforehand (!)
19-Oct – Desperate Journalist and Fightmilk at The Dome, NW5
20-Oct – Pinkshinyultrablast at Oslo, E8
21-Oct – Gothic Valley WI Halloween Party! at The Old Nick, WC1
21-Oct – Sentinel v3.0 at Zombie Shack, Manchester
24-Oct – The Birthday Massacre at O2 Academy Islington, N1
27-Oct – Glitterati Hallowe’en Special at The Star of Kings, N1
27-Oct – Bunker13 at RAW, Whitby
27/28-Oct – Whitby Goth Weekend at Spa Pavilion, Whitby
28-Oct – Hallowe’en Reptile at Club Kolis, N19
29-Oct – Real Gothic FC vs Stokoemotiv Whitby FC at The Turnbull Ground, Whitby
29-Oct – The 80s night with The Memepunks and after-party at RAW, Whitby
04-Nov – Electronic Liberation Tour at Corporation, Sheffield
07-Nov – JUDDER Hallowe’en Spectacular at Two Pigs, Cheltenham
08-Nov – Igorrr at O2 Academy Islington, N1
09-Nov – Vulture Industries, Code, Talanas at Boston Music Room, NW5
10-Nov – SIN CITY Returns at Electric Ballroom, NW1
10-Nov – Into Darkness Presents: TAPEWYRM + Mouth Of The Void at The Facebar, Reading
11-Nov – PWEI at ULU, W1
01-Dec – THE FINAL JUDDER at Two Pigs, Cheltenham
02-Dec – Manuskript, The Memepunks and Foxcunt at The Islington, N1

Other things

Billboard’s interpretation of electronic music is, well, a bit fucking weird.

Better news from Tower Hamlets, with what is believed to be the first planning decision of its kind to support LGBTQ venues in this way, while Loyle Carner dealt with a sexist fan brilliantly the other night.

This is great – songs we should retire. ReVolution in Sheffield long-since retired various industrial songs, and more of this should perhaps happen to give more room to new material…

Finally, the Guardian did an interesting investigation into the lack of women live performers at the moment.

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