/Welcome to the Future /269 /Events, Livestreams and New Releases 12-Apr 2024

Another lengthy wrap-up of new music either already here, or coming your way.

This post is a roundup of (relevant to this site) new and upcoming music, a nod to upcoming events and livestreams both from this website and others, and also a catchup of what I’ve posted recently. Thanks to everyone who sends me new music and events, keeps me up to speed, and indeed simply reads these posts.

/Welcome to the Future /269

/Events, Livestreams and New Releases 12-Apr 2024
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/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/024, which starts on the letter P. /transmission/025 will follow soon – at last!

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/Releases out today or recently

/Album of the Week

05-Apr 2024 / Glass Apple Bonzai / Brother Bones / Bandcamp
Daniel Belasco pivots fully to new-wave influenced, 80s-era power-pop with absolutely spectacular results, but crucially remembers that songcraft is everything, and this album is stacked with prospective anthems. My day feels that bit better every time I hear it.

/New Albums
01-Apr 2024 / Pink Suits / Dystopian Hellscape / Bandcamp
I was at the launch of Pink Suits’ new album the other week in Margate, and I’m happy to say their queer, inclusive take on punk still carries nicely on record.
05-Apr 2024 / Bob Vylan / Humble As The Sun / Bandcamp
Bob Vylan continues their rise with another great album that is full of political fire, positivity, and some banging tunes.
05-Apr 2024 / CONTAINER / YACKER / Bandcamp
I’ve long wondered what industrial-influenced techno would sound like if crossed with full-on noise. CONTAINER provides the answer, and lo, it is glorious.
05-Apr 2024 / Dead Pony / IGNORE THIS / Bandcamp
They call themselves “anti-punk”, but most notably this young Scottish band are fucking angry.
05-Apr 2024 / Deep Tunnel Project / Deep Tunnel Project / Bandcamp
A fascinating, noisy post-rock (ish!) project from Chicago.
05-Apr 2024 / Einstürzende Neubauten / Rampen – apm: alien pop music / Official Artist Store
The most accessible Neubauten album in ages. There’s a lot of it, but well worth spending time with.
05-Apr 2024 / FYEAR / FYEAR / Bandcamp
An experimental octet that don’t sound a great deal like anyone else.
05-Apr 2024 / Iron Monkey / Spleen & Goad / Bandcamp
There is of course someone missing, but this is still reminiscent of the nastiness that got me interested in the first place…
05-Apr 2024 / Phantom Wave / Bonfire Secrets / Bandcamp
Gorgeous, dreamy shoegaze-based sounds from this NYC band.
05-Apr 2024 / The KVB / Tremors / Bandcamp
Striking post-punk/Darkwave from this Manchester duo.
05-Apr 2024 / Then Comes Silence / Trickery / Bandcamp
Then Comes Silence continue their hot streak with another cracking album of anthemic goth rock.
08-Apr 2024 / The Palace of Tears / Veiled Screen Woven Dream / Bandcamp
Dramatic, gothic weirdness that reminds me of Diamanda Galas and Lycia all at once.
12-Apr 2024 / Bodega / Our Brand Could Be Yr Life / Bandcamp
Bodega revisit some early material by completely reworking and overhauling it.
12-Apr 2024 / Sleepmakeswaves / It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It / Bandcamp
Australian post-rockers back with their fourth album.

/New Singles/EPs

16-Mar 2024 / Edgecase Development Corporation / ECEP II: Belt Objects / Bandcamp
Eric Oehler turns to another of his projects for an exceptional electronic trip into world music.
28-Mar 2024 / Bailigero / Slutty / Bandcamp
Jim Marcus and Sapphira Vee head into sleazy disco territory on this new side-project.
31-Mar 2024 / Dream Hack / White Heat / Acid City / Bandcamp
Sam from Randolph & Mortimer indulges his love of 90s electronics with a lengthy love letter to Underworld in particular (and it’s absolutely fantastic).
05-Apr 2024 / V▲LH▲LL / Nocturnal Eyes / Bandcamp
The Swedish once-Witch House duo continue to evolve their sound with some interesting new elements.
05-Apr 2024 / KLACK / Modern Production / Bandcamp
A new EP brings together recent singles and some belting new tracks for probably the best KLACK release yet. Worth it alone for the joyous Let’s Move to Berlin, but stick around for the rest too.
08-Apr 2024 / Mandy, Indiana / Idea Is Best / Bandcamp
A thumping new standalone single for one of the breakout stars in industrial-adjacent music of recent times.
11-Apr 2024 / backpool / i feel fine / Bandcamp
KANGA has a new side-project, which leans unexpectedly into guitar-based alternative sounds.

/New Compilations, Live Albums, Reissues

05-Apr 2024 / Garbage / Bleed Like Me / Official Artist Store
A perhaps underappreciated Garbage album gets a deluxe reissue and first-ever vinyl release.
05-Apr 2024 / YOB / DEMO / Bandcamp
Twenty-five years on, the first YOB demo gets a first digital release.

/Upcoming Releases

/Upcoming Albums

19-Apr 2024 / PARAORCHESTRA With Brett Anderson And Charles Hazlewood / Death Songbook / Official Artist Store
An integrated orchestra of professional disabled and non-disabled musicians take on songs about death with some familiar voices.
19-Apr 2024 / Sensuous Enemy / The Awakening / Bandcamp
A darkwave concept album about the “darker side of the soul”…
19-Apr 2024 / ULTRA SUNN / US / Bandcamp
There’s been quite the buzz about this duo of late, and now I’ve heard the album, I see why: imperial phase Depeche Mode-meets-punchy EBM was hardly going to fail, was it?
26-Apr 2025 / Dead Astronauts / Ghosts / Bandcamp
More darkwave looking at how the past informs the present.
26-Apr 2025 / EYE / Dark Light / Bandcamp
Jessica Bell, vocalist for MWWB, strikes out in new directions with this striking neew project.
10-May 2024 / Me The Tiger / Envy / Official Label Store
This excellent Swedish synthpop band return with their first new album in a little while.
10-May 2024 / The Empty Page / Imploding / Bandcamp
I’ve been rather fond of their previous releases, and at last, here’s their second album.
17-May 2024 / / Red Room / Bandcamp
More new material from Raymond Watts: does he ever stop?
17-May 2024 / Barry Adamson / Cut to Black / Official Artist Store
The suave, ex-Bad Seed continues his soulful explorations.
24-May 2024 / Lovelorn Dolls / Deadtime Stories / Bandcamp
This Belgian gothic metal band’s fourth album.
31-May 2024 / Buffalo Tom / Jump Rope / Official Artist Store
College rock veterans Buffalo Tom return with their first album in some years.
21-Jun 2024 / Silent Mass / The Great Chaos/ Bandcamp
Describing themselves as “chilling in a misty vale, listening to Enya, sipping red wine, while a raven in the distance caws your name” is quite a call. But I can see their point…
05-Jul 2024 / BLUSH RESPONSE / SPRAWL_ / Bandcamp
Joey Blush returns to – at least by first listen – to more direct industrial textures for his new album, even bringing along Marc Heal for the ride on a couple of tracks.
19-Jul 2024 / Orange Goblin / Science, Not Fiction / Bandcamp
The latest album from the UK metal stalwarts.

/Upcoming EPs/Singles

26-Apr 2024 / Flesh Field / Voice of Reason / Bandcamp
After the surprise of the first new Flesh Field material in many, many years last autumn, here’s more already: a few new songs and some great remixes.

/Upcoming Compilations, Live Albums, Reissues

03-May 2024 / Spahn Ranch / The Coiled One (Deluxe Reissue) / Official Label Store
While officially released next month, pre-orders of the CDs at least have already been shipped (mine arrived this week), and this album has never sounded better.
31-May 2024 / Various Artists / No Songs Tomorrow / Official Label Store
The latest in an interesting run of box sets from Cherry Red turns the attention to 80s darkwave, coldwave and ethereal sounds.
26-Jul 2024 / Front Line Assembly / Millenium 2024 / Bandcamp
It has been attempted before, but for the 30th anniversary of this landmark album, it’s finally happening – a proper remaster and vinyl release for Millenium.

/Upcoming/Livestreams/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

Obviously, things change at short notice right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

/amodelofcontrol.com continues to maintain an events calendar, but it has now moved to /amodelofcontrol.com/events – and is now a dynamic, searchable database, and you can add individual events to your own calendars. I’m currently fixing a couple of minor backend issues, so new events may not be added promptly, or be added sporadically.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

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