/Click Click /009 /Killing Miranda – 30-Dec 2023

A pretty intense thirty-six hours of travelling across the southeast – I covered well beyond 200 miles without ever really intending to – saw me finish my Saturday at the Cart & Horses in Maryland (Stratford), to catch the second gig by the reformed Killing Miranda.

/Click Click /009 /Killing Miranda

/Date /30-Dec 2023
/Venue /Cart and Horses /London E15

/Setlist /Killing Miranda

Conspiracy Theory
Teenage Vampire
Burn Sinister
Boy Meets Gun
No More Love Songs
Enter The Dagon
Touched By Jesus
Discotheque Necronomicon

Not exactly a band I was expecting ever to reform – the death of their drummer Belle Star appears to have been the catalyst – but on the evidence of last night, it was a band back enjoying what they do. The new drummer Rueben filled big shoes well, while the two Daves were excellent foils for Rikki.

As it always was, Rikki was the charismatic frontman, clearly loving doing this once again, with a gleeful grin during the silliness of “Teenage Vampire” but also more serious moments, such as a touching tribute to Belle before the glam stomp of “No More Love Songs”.

It was also a well-chosen set, with the strongest of the old songs alongside the best of the songs from their last album – the opening “Conspiracy Theory” in particular a reminder of how powerful that was.

They play Resistanz Festival in the Spring. Well worth catching them if you’re going.

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