/Welcome to the Future/203/Events, Livestreams and new releases 11-Feb 2022

Another busy week of releases and announcements, as I try to keep up…

The post, then, is a roundup of (relevant to this site) new and upcoming music, a nod to upcoming events and livestreams both from this website and others and also a catchup of what I’ve posted recently. Thanks to everyone who sends me new music and events, keeps me up to speed, and indeed simply reads these posts.

/Welcome to the Future/203

/Events, Livestreams and new releases 11-Feb 2022
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/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/024, which starts on the letter P. /transmission/025 will follow soon – at last!

You can also get it via RSS, on iTunes, on Stitcher, and is also now available on the Google Podcasts App (search “amodelofcontrol”) and Spotify too.

If you want to submit anything to be included here? E-mail me (You know what to do with that to make it work, right?), comment/message on Facebook at the amodelofcontrol.com page, and over on Twitter (@amodelofcontrol).


/Releases out today or recently

/04-Feb 2022 / ah cama-sotz / Burning Souls. Brandende Zielen /Bandcamp
I missed this last week – another release from ah cama-sotz is always welcome. Ominous atmospherics and punchy rhythms abound.
/11-Feb 2022 / Author & Punisher / KRÜLLER /Bandcamp
Triston Shone continues his industrial-doom juggernaut with an unexpected turn into more melodic textures (and a Portishead cover!).
/11-Feb 2022 / Cult of Luna / The Long Road North /Bandcamp
The Swedish post-metal lords release another epic, huge record.
/11-Feb 2022 / Frank Turner / FTHC /Official Artist Store
Frank Turner’s ninth album, and on first listen, his strongest and most heartfelt in some time.
/11-Feb 2022 / Napalm Death / Resentment is Always Seismic – a final throw of Throes /Official Artist Store
What appears to be a post-script to their outstanding recent album, a new mini-album from the grindcore legends.
/11-Feb 2022 / synapscape / Point Me to Nowhere EP /Bandcamp
The rhythmic noise veterans return with a new EP.
/11-Feb 2022 / Zeal & Ardor / Zeal & Ardor /Bandcamp
Manuel Gagneux knocks it out of the fucking park with his third album – it’s still the core concept of bluesy African-American spirituals crossed with Black Metal, but everything is bigger, better, and louder. The best album of 2022 so far?

/Upcoming releases announced this past week

/25-Feb 2022 / Attrition / A Great Desire (1986-2004) /Bandcamp
Something of a “best-of” for Attrition over their most prolific period.
/25-Feb 2022 / KLAMMER / The Day Before Yesterday /Streaming Links
The Leeds post-punk band release their latest missives.
/04-Mar 2022 / Halicon / Loner Veils /Bandcamp
Dayton, OH based Tim Krug continues his release series of older material resurrected.
/25-Mar 2022 / Killing Joke / Lord of Chaos EP /Official Artist Store
Remarkably their first new music in seven years, Killing Joke release a new EP at the end of March, and it is led by the thundering title track.
/01-Apr 2022 / GNOD / Hexen Valley /Bandcamp
The prolific GNOD (they only released La Mort du Sens in November!) have moved onto something of a concept album inspired by the weirdness of the Calder Valley and Hebden Bridge…
/08-Apr 2022 / Silver Walks / Tear Me Down (single) /Bandcamp
The first release from the upcoming album suggests great things.
/29-Apr 2022 / Röyksopp / Profound Mysteries /Official Artist Store
Despite previous statements suggesting there would be no more albums, the upcoming Röyksopp release looks a lot like an album. The latest single with Alison Goldfrapp, Impossible, is exceptional.
/29-Apr 2022 / Watain / The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain /Bandcamp
A grandiose title, perhaps, and the lead track is snarling, snapping Black Metal.
/29-Jul 2022 / Arch Enemy / Deceivers /Century Media
The long-promised new Arch Enemy album at last.

/Upcoming/Livestreams/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

Obviously, things change at short notice right now, and I’m updating events as they are postponed or cancelled, and also including relevant Livestreams as they are announced.

/amodelofcontrol.com continues to maintain an events calendar, but it has now moved to /amodelofcontrol.com/events – and is now a dynamic, searchable database, and you can add individual events to your own calendars. I’m currently fixing a couple of minor backend issues, so new events may not be added promptly, or be added sporadically.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above. It goes without saying that any gig or club still in the listing is subject to change at short notice, or may not happen at all.

/amodelofcontrol.com/next week

/Tuesday Ten/478 is in the works for this week.

Coming up on 18-Feb, /A Certain Shade of Green/004 goes back down the 90s metal clubbing rabbit hole, and /TheKindaMzkYouLike/018 continues the alternative livestreams on 08-Mar.

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