/DJ/Breadcrumb Trail/002 – 06-Apr 2021

One of the really liberating things about DJing on livestreams is the freedom that it gives. No longer beholden to a dancefloor, I can be far more flexible in what I play, and as a result, it has spawned a few one-off nights to test particular waters.

/DJ/Breadcrumb Trail/002

/DJ/Breadcrumb Trail/Details
/Venue/Twitch online Livestream
/Date/06-Apr 2021

This was the second in a couple of such nights recently, as I dug into my love of post-rock, post-metal and the related world of longer, more thoughtful songs that might not work elsewhere. Unexpectedly the first went well, so we were back for a second dose, and it will happen a third time next month.

You can watch/listen again to this stream below.

Mono – Ashes In the Snow
KAUAN – Raivo
Russian Circles – 309
pg.lost – E22
Antennas to Heaven – My Robot Lets Me Watch The Cricket
BRUIT ≤ – The Machine Is Burning
65daysofstatic – Under The Summs
Teeth of the Sea – A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.
NEU! – Hallogallo
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – A Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind)
New Ghost – Your Reds
The Mirimar Disaster – Alms for Strangers
The Mirimar Disaster – Control.Alter.Delete
VASA – Settle
Do Make Say Think – Horripilation
Cult of Luna – The Silent Man
Nordic Giants – Together
Slint – Good Morning, Captain
After Daylight – Everything Falling to Pieces
Tides from Nebula – The New Delta
sleepmakeswaves – pyramids
GNOD – Paper Error
Mogwai – My Father, My King

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