/DJ/Rivet/014 – 05-Feb 2021

After some years of talking about it – and struggling to find a venue – Andy and I decided finally to bring /Rivet back in 2020, and in 2021, we’re back as long as lockdown allows.


/Date /05-Feb 2021
/DJs /DJ:traumahound /AndyRavenSable
/Genres /Industrial /EBM /Synthpop /Futurepop /Coldwave /Electronic
/Details /Tracks played/53 /Duration/04:00:00

/Rivet/015 is on 05-Mar, and you can stay up to date with future info on the new /Rivet/Facebook Group.

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Eisbrecher – FAKK
HEALTH – God Botherer
Chemlab – Suicide Jag
Youth Code – Doghead
Everything Goes Cold – What Time Is Love?
Defence Mechanism – Emergency Population Control
Seabound – Scorch The Ground
Liebknecht – ICE over Erfurt


Null Cell – Hardware
KLACK – Discipline (Patrick Codenys Jigsaw Mix)
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
Skinny Puppy – Warlock – Request
Front Line Assembly – Iceolate
Cyanotic – Alt.Machine.Edit – Request
Rabbit Junk – Industrial Is Dead (Remaster)


Hounds – Shark In The Water
NIN – March of the Pigs
Pitchshifter – Please Sir
Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut Me Up
Prodigy – Fuel My Fire
Mitsubishi – Printer Jam
Venus In Aries – Burst
Sulpher – Fear Me (Needle Mix)
File Transfer Protocol – New Way
Ministry – Stigmata (AngelSpit Mix)


Stabbing Westward – Violent Mood Swings
VAST – Pretty When You Cry
Curve – Missing Link
3 TEETH – Final Product
Gravity Kills – Enough
Rico – Big Black Sea
The Strand – I Hate My Fucking Job (Imperative Reaction Mix)
Imperative Reaction – Giving Up
Daniel B. – Happiness (Happy End)


SAM – Mad As Hell
Reaper – Urnensand (SAM Mix)
Rotersand – Storm
REIN – I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You
Grendel – ZombieNation 2K5
Shiv-R – Eye Of The Needle
Velvet Acid Christ – Caustic Disco
Suicide Commando – God Is In The Rain – ClubHit 2.0
HORSKH – Mud In My Wheels
Kevorkian Death Cycle – It’s A Sin


Blockdata – Tertiary
Pendulum – Blood Sugar (12″ Remix)
This Morn’ Omina – Enuma Elish
Artillery Nightspace – Who’s Afraid of a Good Time?
S.K.E.T. – Revolution of the Pigs
Edgey – Subterfuge
Slighter – Undertow
808 DOT POP – thermodynamica (neon)

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