/DJ/Stormblast/141 – 12-Nov 2020

Back in lockdown, /Stormblast continues online as before. The resurrection of my old Sheffield-based extreme metal night at the beginning of lockdown in the Spring turned out to be a popular move, and much of the old community has been joined by a new community, and it’s been a lot of fun. So, we keep going.


/Date /12-Nov 2020
/DJs /DJ:traumahound
/Genres /Extreme Metal /Doom /Black Metal /Death Metal /Thrash Metal /Sludge Metal /Post-Metal
/Details /Tracks played/33 /Duration/02:30:00

For now, we’ll be continuing for now broadly bi-weekly, so join us again for /Stormblast/142 on 26-Nov.

Stormblast 2020


VÖLUR – Inviolate Grove
Draconian – Lustrous Heart
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – Ancestral Recall
Paradise Lost – Forever Failure
KATLA – Sálarsvefn
FORTÍÐ – Insignificant is the Wormking’s Throne
IMHA TARIKAT – Sturm der Erlösung
Corrupt Moral Altar – You Smell Expensive
Napalm Death – Backlash Just Because
Sharptooth – Say Nothing (In The Absence of Content)
Loathe – Gored


Enslaved – Entrance – Escape
Virus (NOR) – Rogue Fossil
Mayhem – Crystalised Pain in Deconstruction
Mortician – Worms
Netherbird – A Shadow in the Garden of Darkness
Obituary – Chopped in Half
Naglfar – Enslave the Astral Fortress
Vomit the Soul – Self Perception Veil
Sargeist – Let the Devil In
Vallenfyre – Splinters
Novembre – Aenemia
Whelm – From the trenches of Perception


Possessor – Coffin Fit
talanas – antiphon
In Flames – System
Soilwork – Black Star Deceiver
Carcass – The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
Strapping Young Lad – All Hail The New Flesh
Black Magnet – Divination Equipment
Meshuggah – Pineal Gland Optics
Russian Circles – Vorel
Pelican – March to the Sea

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