/DJ/Stormblast/134 – 23-Jul-20

The current lockdown has stopped the entertainment industry – at least in terms of physical venues – dead in its tracks, but I guess one of the benefits of the internet age is that we can do things online instead. So, after years of considering whether to bring Stormblast back in one form or another (even for a one-off), this past few weeks finally provided the impetus I needed to get something going.


/Date /23-Jul 2020
/DJs /DJ:traumahound
/Genres /Extreme Metal /Doom /Black Metal /Death Metal /Thrash Metal /Sludge Metal /Post-Metal
/Details /Tracks played/33 /Duration/02:30:00

For now, we’ll be continuing for now bi-weekly, so join us again for /Stormblast/135 on 06-Aug.

Stormblast 2020


Latitudes – Myth Cathexis
Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites of Drugula
Boris – Blackout
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Rubbernecker
Dub War – Strike It
Blood Red Throne – Mandatory Homicide – Death Inc.
Krisiun – Vicious Wrath
Testament – Into the Pit
Exodus – War Is My Shepherd
Akercocke – Summon the Antichrist
Satyricon – Nemesis Divina
Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness
Seiðr – Oblique Terrain
Misþyrming – Söngur heiftar
1349 – Sculptor of Flesh
Watain – Malfeitor
Oranssi Pazuzu – Havuluu
Dimmu Borgir – Unorthodox Manifesto
Carcass – Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Rotting Christ – In Nomine Dei Nostri
Behemoth – Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa
Meshuggah – Combustion
Samael – Flagellation – Request
Paradise Lost – Forsaken
Katatonia – The Winter of Our Passing
Prong – Whose Fist Is This Anyway?
Misery Loves Co. – My Mind Still Speaks
Red Harvest – AEP (Advanced Evolutionary Progression)
Strapping Young Lad – Underneath The Waves
Interlock – Skinless
Fear Factory – Martyr
Ten Masked Men – When Will I Be Famous

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