/DJ/Rivet/007 – 26-Jun 2020

The current lockdown has stopped the entertainment industry – at least in terms of physical venues – dead in its tracks, but I guess one of the benefits of the internet age is that we can do things online instead. Thus, after some years of talking about it – and struggling to find a venue – Andy and I decided finally to bring /Rivet back.


/Date /26-Jun 2020
/DJs /DJ:traumahound /AndyRavenSable
/Genres /Industrial /EBM /Synthpop /Futurepop /Coldwave /Electronic
/Details /Tracks played/57 /Duration/04:10:00

Another busy night, with new people joining us along with many of our now-usual regulars, and there was also the distinct feeling of us We’re going to continue on a four-weekly basis for now during Lockdown, and you can join us again for /Rivet/008 on 24-Jul.

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Skinjob – Perfect Blame
Autumns – Take Your Leather Gloves and Fuck Off
ADULT. – Why Always Why
Brainclaw – downsect
Razorback Hollow – Hey Buddy (feat. Peter Turns Pirate)
Front Line Assembly – Vigilante
Cyanotic – clear a path -economically viable version-


<PIG> – Prey & Obey
Eisbrecher – Was Ist Hier Los?
Rammstein – Sex
Acumen Nation – Elective Surgical Strike
Circle of Dust – Machines of Our Disgrace
Die Krupps – Iron Man (Chris Shepard & KMFDM Remix)
:wumpscut: – Totmacher
Front Line Assembly – Storm


Turnbull A.C’s – We Can Drink Without Having Fun
Randolph & Mortimer – Body
X-Marks the Pedwalk – Abbatoir (Extended)
The Causticles – Raise Your God
Senser – Age of Panic (DJTransporter Remix)
Stromkern – Night Riders
Sister Machine Gun – Wired (Radio)
KANGA – Vital Signs
seeming – Goodnight London
Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease


Seabound – Hooked
Sheep On Drugs – 15 Minutes of Fame
Rob Zombie – Reload
Be My Enemy – Ghost In The Machine
Misery Loves Co. – Kiss Your Boots
Venus In Aries – Burst
SAM – Mad As Hell
X-RX – The Update
Solid State – Vital (I saw Will Byers on the Dance Floor mix by Rabbit Junk)
GoST – Behemoth (Perturbator Mix)
<PIG> – Satanic Panic


Front 242 – Don’t Crash
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
Icon of Coil – Former Self
Neuroticfish – Velocity (Original)
Covenant – Tour de Force
Beborn Beton – 24/7 Mystery
Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign
Rotersand – The Last Ship, Pt. 1
Straftanz – Tanzt Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht!


Synd – Taylor Hadley
Audioflesh – Hail To The King
Shivr – Eye of the Needle
Everything Goes Cold – I’ve Sold Your Organs on the Black Market to Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan
Hounds – Shark In The Water
Tactical Sekt – Bring Me Violence
Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted
Hate Dept – Hit Back
Ministry – Just One Fix
Godhead – Eleanor Rigby
Snog – Fill My Hole

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