/DJ/Stormblast/022/30-March 2006

/Stormblast last night was another of those…interesting nights. Turnout was pretty good, a lot of positive comment, and the realisation that word travels further than you might expect on the internet. But then, I should have known that.



/The Nelson
/30-March 2006


Boysetsfire | Eviction Article
Refused | Rather Be Dead
Poison The Well | Ghostchant
Stanford Prison Experiment | Super Monkey
Will Haven | Carpe Diem
Mastodon | March Of The Fire Ants
Nothingface | Make Your Own Bones
Meshuggah | Future Breed Machine
Cannibal Corpse | Hammer Smashed Face | Request
Necrophagist | Seven | Request
Entombed | Rotten Soil
In Flames | System | Request
The Agony Scene | Darkest Red
Krisiun | Vicious Wrath


Mortician | Chainsaw Dismemberment
Extreme Noise Terror | Being and Nothing
Vomitory | Thorns
Morbid Angel | Lord of All Fevers and Plagues
Bolt Thrower | Inside The Wire
Jungle Rot | Infected
Suffocated | Effigy of the Forgotten
Bloodbath | Mass Strangulation
Death | 1000 Eyes
Testament | D.N.R.
Entombed | Drowned
Exhorder | Slaughter In The Vatican
Sepultura | Inner Self
At The Gates | The Swarm
Amon Amarth | Legend Of A Banished Man
Vardven | Moonlight In The Northern Sky | Request
Zyklon B | Bloodsoil
Darkthrone | Cromlech
Bal-Sagoth | Starfire Burning Upon The Ice Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule
Battlelore | Sons of Riddermark
Death | Crystal Mountain
Bolt Thrower | Seventh Offensive
Burzum | Spell Of Destruction


Agoraphobic Nosebleed | Kill Theme For American Apeshit | Request
Pig Destroyer | Taskmaster
Landmine Spring | The Jaded & The Eager
Napalm Death | Instinct Of Survival
Anal C— | [unknown title]
Carcass | Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Slayer | Angel of Death
Deicide | Sacrificial Suicide | Request
God Dethroned | Swallow The Spikes | Request
The Haunted | Dark Intentions | Request
The Haunted | Bury Your Dead
Decapitated | The Fury
Hypocrisy | Roswell '47 | Request
Prong | Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck | Request
Red Harvest | Anatomy Of The Unknown
The Berzerker | Reality | Request
Motorhead | Ace Of Spades | Request

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