/DJ/Stormblast/021/23-March 2006

/Stormblast last night was a bit of a strange one. Not a bad turnout, and an interesting set of people, too. We have gained a new set of regulars in addition to the rest whose requests are sending us in a different direction again!

Look for some new developments with Stormblast in the coming month or two, we are going to try a few things out. More soon.



/The Nelson
/23-March 2006


Xoch | Kyle's Mom
Dragonforce | Through The Fire and Flames
Fear Factory | Replica | Request
Interlock | Skinless | Request
Benedictum | Two Steps To The Sun
Devin Townsend | Mountain
Dimmu Borgir | Master of Disharmony
Lamb Of God | Now You've Got Something To Die For
Bal-Sagoth | Shackled To The Trilithion of Kutulu
Sepultura | Convicted In Life
In Flames | Take This Life
Mastodon | Blood and Thunder
Testament | The New Order
Caliban | Arena Of Concealment
Himsa | Withered
3 Inches Of Blood | Deadly Sinners | Request
Pantera | Fucking Hostile | Request
Coroner | Masked Jackal
Anthrax | In My World | Request


Walls Of Jericho | There's No I In Fuck You
Clutch | The Mob Goes Wild | Request
Will Haven | Alpha Male
Nothingface | Make Your Own Bones
Chimaira | Inside The Horror
Earthtone 9 | Star Damage (For Beginners)
Vision Of Disorder | Implant
Hurtlocker | Absolution
Decapitated | The First Damned
Nile | Masturbating The War God
Cannibal Corpse | I Cum Blood | Request
Blood Red Throne | Unleashing Hell


Kreator | Riot Of Violence
Bolt Thrower | War Master | Request
Satyricon | With Ravenous Hunger | Request
Carcass | Vomited Anal Tract
Sodom | Volcanic Slut
Obituary | The End Complete
Death | Leprosy | Request
Morbid Angel | Thy Kingdom Come
Abigor | Dornen
Mayhem | Deathcrush
Strapping Young Lad | Oh My Fucking God
Dissection | The Somberlain | Request
Slayer | Angel Of Death
Primordial | The Gathering Wilderness


The Berzerker | No-One Wins | Request
Necrophagist | Stabwound | Request
Anal C— | You're Gay
Nasum | Scoop
Krisiun | Vicious Wrath
Emperor | Entrancemperium | Request
Akercocke | Enraptured By Evil
Deicide | Once Upon The Cross | Request
Myrkskog | Domain Of The Superior
Hate Eternal | King Of All Kings
1349 | I Am Abomination
Bring Out Your Dead | Beauty As Poison | Request
Ex-Mortem | Bitter Disiplin
Isengaard | Vinterskugge | Request
Napalm Death | You Suffer
Pig Destroyer | Rejection Fetish
My Dying Bride | The Whore, The Cook and The Mother | Request
Katatonia | Clean Today
Hypocrisy | Killing Art | Request

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