/DJ/tcf/v3/001/01-Nov 2005

The third and longest phase of tcf began here, as my previous night split into two. tcf very much changed after this point, as we began to explore the outer realms of industrial that bit more.



/The Nelson
/01-Nov 2005




This Morn' Omina – Epoch
Mind.In.A.Box – Light & Dark
Kalte Farben – Innocents
Dismantled – Extirpation
Necro Facility – Downstairs
Leæther Strip – Hate Me! (Funker Vogt Remix)
P·A·L – In The Now
The Retrosic – Ground Zero
Haujobb – Renegades Of Noize


DJ Scandy – Split
The Nine – Control (Bombay Bad Boy Mix)
Negative Format – Senseless
Echo Image – Stand Alone
Rotersand – Social Distortion
Combichrist – I'd Like To Thank My Buddies (Live Infest 2004)
Run Level Zero – Under The Gun (Cal-50 Remix by X-Fusion)


Panic DHH – Reach – Request
Terrorfakt – Achtung!
Cyanotic – Deface
Skinny Puppy – Tin Omen – Request
Killing Joke – Wardance (Ultimate Version)
KMFDM – Hau Ruck – Request
Rammstein – Zerstören – Request
Red20 – Bite The Bullet (Test Mix) – Request


Soundisciples – Cyberotica
The Retrosic – Storm
Hocico – Born To Be (Hated) (Original Album Version)
God Module – Inside Out
Suicide Commando – Cause Of Death: Suicide (Try Again Rmx By Converter)
Converter – Butcher
Red20 – Carnivore (Remix)


Solitary Experiments – Odyssey Of Mind – Request
Icon of Coil – Dead Enough For Life
Stromkern – Re-Align – Request
Covenant – Tour de Force
The Azoic – Obsession
Neuroticfish – The Bomb (Single Edit) – Request
Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed) – Request
Collide – Like You Want To Believe (Anti-Static Mix)
Nine Inch Nails – Heresy – Request
Rico – Forward Motion

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